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May 2018
Worth it: The big thinking behind an Adelphi education
My colleague saw a beautiful sight the other day—a mother taking a picture of her daughter at the Panther statue on our campus just a few minutes after she made her decision to choose Adelphi. They were both so happy and excited to record the moment. When asked how they made this momentous decision, the mother paused and thoughtfully responded, “Well, I think it’s because Adelphi is big, but small.”

That has stuck with me as I think about this month’s letter to you. Adelphi has so much that large universities have. An extraordinary arts program, with a Pulitzer Prize-winning professor and performance spaces recently named among the Top 35 in the nation, alongside Georgetown's and the University of Virginia's.  Our Honors College has placed doctors, attorneys, engineers and scientists around the country. We have a thriving sports program, with last year’s national champions in Division II women’s lacrosse. Our historic nursing program is highly ranked in New York. Our psychology program is ranked fourth in the world for psychology/psychoanalysis, and our social work program ranks in the top five percent of the nation. Programs for returning students? Definitely. Majors? Over 50 to choose from—or make your own, as puppeteer Sebastiano Ricci, below, proves.

And yet, we are small. With classes of about 21 students or less. A close-knit family feel.  A safe campus. And professors who know your name, have your back and help you get to the finish line—graduation day.

Small has lots of other unexpected benefits, too. Small means one-to-one mentoring for veterans, for first-generation students, for students of color, and for those in the LGBTQ community. Small means our groundbreaking Confidential Allies program for DACA students. Small means career support for every student, personalized placement for internships, and high-flying alumni who come back to campus to personally inspire students, like mobile-tech expert Michael Hurley, below.  
And in my case, small means I can bring my bulldog, Georgia (at right), into the office and invite students over to relieve exam-time stress.

So, all in all, I agree with that mother-daughter team at the Panther statue. Big/small is a pretty good idea. I hope, after reading these stories, you agree, too.
Christine M. Riordan, Ph.D.
Cybersecurity Student in the Fast Lane

Graduating senior Rebecca Gotterbarn was the ECC Bowler of the Year last year, and she's just as big a star in Adelphi's cybersecurity program. See how she rolls.
A Helping Hand, Bearing $67 Million
Adelphi-awarded scholarships and grants benefited more than 85 percent of full-time undergrads this year. Find out how this is helping our first-year students and other undergrads—including transfers.
Antonette White stepped forward when she saw leadership opportunities at Adelphi. Like other students at the University, she's finding that decision can be life-changing.
The poetry of mentorships. The bond between faculty and students is strong at Adelphi. It's one that can cut across disciplines, as a computer science student discovered when he took a literature class.
The big city offers big opportunities for Adelphi students looking to jump-start their career with résumé-building internships. Meet two of the hundreds who've gotten their big chance in New York City.
A sophomore with a passion for puppetry and a first-year volleyball player determined to save the environment show how students who don't fit the mold make the most of Adelphi's personalized education.
A national survey shows Adelphi is a leader in promoting diversity, as our students embrace multiculturalism better than their peers at other institutions.
Fulbright Scholars, a Pulitzer Prize winner and internationally known leaders in their field who know their students by name. Small classes led by amazing faculty make Adelphi, Adelphi.
Athletics Update
Playoff Season Is the Happiest Season
Yes it is, especially as our Panthers are once again in the thick of the championship hunt. Adelphi softball and women's lacrosse earned hosting rights for the Northeast-10 Conference tournament, which begins May 2. Our athletes also celebrated their accomplishments at the annual end-of-year banquet honoring seniors, award winners chosen by full-time department staffers, and team MVPs. And even with the academic year coming to a close, the department is gearing up to host the 14th-Annual Janet Ficke Panther Golf Classic at the Hempstead Golf and Country Club on Monday, July 16.
Alumni Making a Difference
Michael Hurley '06, M.B.A. '09
Michael Hurley is an expert in big data, and he provided Adelphi students with insights into what it can reveal to companies on April 19 in the most recent Hagedorn Lecture Series event, hosted by the Robert B. Willumstad School of Business .
Momentum Tour 2017–2018
See how you can be part of our story. My Momentum Tour 2017-2018: Stories of Lives Changed: Hear Ours, Tell Yours will make its final stop on Wednesday, May 23, in Denver . Join us and see how we're transforming lives.