Personhood Proclamation
Presidential Executive Order
Our Lord talks to me often. No, I don’t hear voices, but I receive clear thoughts and when I am in certain places and certain situations, when I receive certain thoughts in my head, I trust they are from Jesus, no matter how beyond my comprehension they may be.

One such occurrence happened in my chapel this past June. I was sitting praying before our Lord when this came to me. “I Donald Trump, through this Presidential Executive Order, based on indisputable science, grant Constitutional Personhood from conception and I direct all federal agencies and departments to act accordingly.”

It took me a few moments to process this. The President would not be legislating or adjudicating from the Oval Office. He has shown he is bold enough to initiate such a proclamation and, through Twitter, we have unparalleled access to him.

I referenced these thoughts on one of my Facebook Live videos and also on a couple of FB and Twitter posts. Response being positive, but limited, I kept the thoughts in the back of my mind. A couple of weeks later though I was with Monica Miller and some other activist leaders and without my mentioning what had happened to me, she said, “Father, I saw your post about the Personhood Proclamation and it is brilliant.” I told her the genesis of it and from then on I was a bit more excited. A few days later, I ran the proclamation past my lawyer, Angelo Artuso, who is associated with ADF and he said the exact same thing as Monica. “Simple, yet game-changing and Trump is bold enough to do such a proclamation.” Angelo also pointed out that there is ample case law substantiating such a personhood interpretation and that if Trump did this, “it would force every judge and legislator to take a stand as to whether the unborn are persons or not.”
At this point I decided I was going to talk about this every chance I could get to whomever I could get to listen. It didn’t take long before Jeff White and Cheryl Conrad of Survivors were not only onboard, but fully engaged. As a matter of fact, they have taken the lead in this initiative. Jeff, in his research, realized that on January 14th,1988, President Ronald Reagan issued such a Personhood Proclamation, but not an Executive Order. Jeff came up with the idea to set the 30th Anniversary of the Reagan Proclamation as a goal for Trump signing a Presidential Executive Order.

We are looking for pro-lifer leaders to co-sponsor this initiative and all pro-lifers to sign a petition encouraging Donald Trump to issue his “Personhood Proclamation Presidential Executive Order," a preliminary draft being,

“I, President Donald Trump, by this Presidential Executive Order, based on indisputable science and abundant legal case law, do grant Constitutional Personhood at the moment of conception (fertilization) and I direct all federal agencies and departments to act accordingly.”
To read more about the Personhood Proclamation and to sign the petition for the President, go to For the twitter campaign to @realdonaldtrump, go to

Feel free to email me with any questions or thoughts. We are well aware that a Presidential Executive Order can be overturned by the next President, but let’s face it, if President Trump signs this Proclamation, there will be immediate injunctions sought which will throw the personhood issue into the courts and focus the entire abortion debate where it belongs…personhood of the unborn! 

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