June 2021
Hello Friends,

We are excited to share the wonderful things that God and His people are doing in Peru as well as in Portland, Oregon.

Thank you for partnering with us in this adventure!
Mark, Silas, Liana & Jennifer gardening together
Brayan's Testimony
Brayan is a friendly, outgoing 20-year old with strong leadership skills and academic prowess. Brayan took a one-year computer class paid for by our scholarship program in preparation for college. Brayan has worked at a hardware store and a construction site to provide food for his parents and younger siblings.

Brayan will be starting college at a competitive state university in August. He is very excited and grateful for this opportunity, "God has done a work in my life more than I ever expected. I was like the Israelites who were looking at the Red Sea; they did not know, nor could they even imagine, what God was capable of doing. Great is God's love for me."

"Thank you, Pastor Mark and Jennifer, for your prayers. Before I got accepted to the university, I had a dream in which I was discouraged because the doors in front of me had closed; Pastor Mark came up to me and gave me a hug, 'Do not worry. God will open the doors for you.' I remembered this dream when I was denied admission twice to this university; on my third try I was accepted. God did exactly what He had showed me in the dream."
Youth Scholarship Program
Discipleship Continues
This month we hosted a zoom call with our scholarship students. We taught on God's wisdom from Psalm 1, then we gave each student two minutes to share about their college classes, struggles and joys. Many youth testified about how they are seeing God at work in marvelous ways.

This year, there are 26 students in the scholarship program. Thanks to individual donors in the U.S. and a grant from the Ralph Hull Foundation, all 26 students have a sponsor. Praise the Lord!
Jennifer and Mark (top row, second from left) teaching about living in God's wisdom
Vanessa is one of 7 freshmen in our scholarship program this year. Vanessa's parents are farmers in the northern highlands of Peru. Vanessa is a stellar student and has a deep love for the Lord. She moved to the city of Trujillo to work and go to college. With her job as a waitress, Vanessa is able to pay for her room and board; our scholarship program pays for her tuition.

All 7 freshmen in the scholarship program, including Vanessa, need a laptop for college. Laptops can be purchased in Peru for about $750 (prices have increased since COVID). Please let us know if you would like to help purchase a laptop for one of these students (see "Ministry Needs" section below).
Vanessa is a freshman in Industrial Engineering
Drug Rehabilitation Program
Rehab Center #2 Grows
The second drug rehabilitation center opened in September 2020 with 4 men; now there are 45. These men have left drugs (primarily cocaine and marijuana) to follow God and participate in a 2-year discipleship program. As these men demonstrate maturity and trustworthiness, they are allowed to go off-site during the day for employment, evangelism, and community service opportunities.
Men at the drug rehab center #2 enjoying avocado sandwiches for breakfast
Pastor Roy and his wife, Rocio, are the founders and directors of the drug rehab centers. Their vision is "for the city of Pucallpa to be free of drugs and full of happy families." Rocio comments, "These men give us the courage to keep serving, to keep growing, and to keep walking faithfully with the Lord. To see these men off of drugs is wonderful, and to see these men growing in their relationship with God is even more wonderful!"
Rehab Church Thrives
Pastor Roy and Rocio love to share the Gospel with anyone who visits the rehab centers, including city officials, neighborhood residents, leaders from local churches, and relatives of the men in the rehab program. Family members of these men visit the center to make payments, give food donations, and greet their relatives (son, nephew, husband, etc.) who are in rehab. As a result of Roy and Rocio sharing the Good News, many family members have accepted Christ and now attend church on Sunday mornings at the rehab center.
Pastor Roy giving a sermon at the drug rehab center's church
Thank you to supporters who helped buy the land and build some of the infrastructure so Roy and Rocio could start the men's rehab program which is now self-sustaining. Our next step is to build the infrastructure that is needed to start the women's rehab center (see "Ministry Needs" section below).
O&P Workshop Blesses Many
Milton who runs the Orthotics and Prosthetics workshop received a phone call last month informing him that a local pastor, Javier, has been wheelchair-bound since he was hit by a car 17 years ago. We were surprised that we had never met this pastor. Milton visited Javier to assess the situation and confirm that with special orthotics (leg braces and shoes), this pastor should be able to walk again.

Thanks to donors from the U.S., Milton was able to buy supplies so he can build the orthotics over the next few weeks. A dream come true for Pastor Javier!

Please pray for wisdom and divine guidance as Milton looks for a permanent building for his workshop. He has been renting a location for over 6 years.
Milton making a cast for Pastor Javier's orthotics
Meeting Heartfelt Needs
During the last 3 months, we have had the privilege of helping with the following projects and needs:
  • Hospital fees and medicine for COVID patients.
  • Prostate operation for an elderly parishioner.
  • Appendectomy for a young woman from the Huni Kuin tribe.

  • Roof for a satellite church (currently we have 45 satellite churches).
  • Floor and basic kitchen for another satellite church.
  • Sound board for a church being planted outside of town.
Obstetricians at a local health center enjoying a dry patient waiting area, thanks to new gutters
(Anita, on the right, is a graduate of our scholarship program)
  • Roof for the future women's drug rehab center.
  • House payment for a single mother so she can keep her house.
  • Food for a family who lost their house in a fire.
  • Gutters for a local health center (see photo). Patients and staff were getting wet during heavy rains. What a difference gutters can make!

These projects and needs were identified by our staff, volunteers and friends in Peru. We are grateful for their open ears and sensitive hearts to help their neighbors in need. We appreciate our donors who make it possible for us to provide the necessary finances.
Family Life and Ministry from the U.S.
We are enjoying working on ministry projects remotely (as we learned to do in 2020 due to COVID) and spending time with our children when they are home from school.

Liana (5) loves her friends and teachers at preschool. Some of her favorite activities are playing with dolls, dressing up, singing, drawing, painting, riding her bike, and making complex structures out of Magna-Tiles.

Liana is quick to memorize Bible verses and to remind us of God's truths. One of her favorite worship songs is "Made for This" by Maker Fun Factory VBS...we love to hear Liana sing at the top of her lungs and do the creative hand motions that accompany the song!
Liana playing with her toys
Silas (8) finished second grade this month. His teacher was pleased with Silas's progress in reading and writing (in English for the first time!) The end-of-the-year class party was at the roller skating rink...Silas was thrilled to go roller skating for the first time.

Silas is compassionate and has a deep desire for racial justice. He is constantly reminding us to help the homeless. He finds kids on the playground who are sitting alone and invites them to play. He reads books and watches videos about the lives of Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, and Martin Luther King Jr.

Silas has abundant energy and loves to play basketball, baseball and soccer. He also picks strawberries and raspberries from our back yard to share with the neighbors.
Silas reading one of his favorite mystery books
Mark is enjoying connecting with donors and helping them make the transition from World Outreach to Jungle Ministry. He is also taking classes online to enhance his administrative skills.

Mark has fun teaching Silas and Liana to play the piano, plant flowers, fly kites, and drive a go-kart (see photo). He also does community service projects with the kids, like sweeping the street and cleaning the local green space.
Mark and Silas driving a go-kart
Jennifer is enjoying training for her half marathon on July 4 in Portland. Last week, she ran the 13.3-mile race course on Sauvie Island to become familiar with it. Her initial training goals were to become stronger and to get her heart in shape...she is pleased with her progress toward these goals!

Jennifer is currently reading The Next Right Thing by Emily Freeman, and relishing the following worship songs:
  • Lord, I Need You (by Matt Maher)
  • Battle Belongs (by Phil Wickham)
  • Whatever is True (by Rescue)
Jennifer loves to pray and intercede for people so feel free to reply to this email with your prayer requests.
Mark, Liana and Jennifer planting flowers
Praise Reports:
  • We received our 5-year Permanent Resident visas for Peru. Praise the Lord!
  • Thank you to the members of our board of directors who generously share their insights and wisdom as we seek God's will for our lives and ministry.
  • Thank you to our Barnabas prayer group, supporters, and other friends for encouraging us and praying for us.
Prayer Requests:
  • Supernatural protection from COVID and other illnesses for people all over the world. The Amazon region has been particularly hard hit.
  • A permanent building for the Orthotics and Prosthetics workshop.
  • Wisdom and direction from God as we put together a Life Skills Discipleship Manual for kids K-12 in the Amazon region.
  • Laughter and creative ideas as we spend time together as a family this summer.
Ministry Needs:
  • $1,500 -- Walls and windows for the main building of the women's drug rehab center.
  • $1,000 -- Cement floor for the main building of the women's drug rehab center.
  • $750 -- Laptop for a college freshman (7 needed).
  • $68 -- Bunk bed for the drug rehab center; includes frame and 2 mattresses (13 needed).

To donate, please read the instructions below.

With Gratitude, 

Mark and Jennifer Morris
Pucallpa, Peru
Liana showing Silas the birthday card she made for her preschool teacher
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