Pesach 2019
Schedule of Events and Services
Friday, April 19 - Erev Pesach, 1st Seder
  • 7:11 pm Candle Lighting
  • No TBE Evening Services

Saturday, April 20 - Pesach I, 2nd Seder
  • 9:30 am Holiday Services

Sunday, April 21 - Pesach II
  • 9:30 am Holiday Services
  • 8:14 pm Havdalah

Wednesday, April 24 - Pesach V
Thursday, April 25 - Pesach VI
  • 7:18 pm Candle Lighting

Friday, April 26 - Pesach VII

Saturday, April 27 - Pesach VIII
  • 9:30 am Holiday Services
  • 8:21 pm Havdalah
Special Events
Wednesday, April 24th - 5:30 pm
Passover is a time full of tradition and lots and lots of food. All the rules can be a hassle but we’re here to show how easy and fun Passover can be for kids! Join TBE’s Family Engagement Committee for a free evening of Passover fun and food with a make-your-own matzah pizza bar, crafts and games.

KBE families and students are encouraged to stick around after Hebrew School.
Shabbat Niggun at 5:30 pm
Dinner approx. 6:15
$18 for members / $25 for non-members ($54/$75 family max.)

All are welcome to join TBE for a Pesach Dinner on the final weekend of Passover. Beginning with a meditative Shabbat Niggun service at 5:30 and followed by a delicious dinner made by TBE volunteers. Menu details still to be determined.

Please contact Daniel at the Office to RSVP by Wednesday, April 24th
Pesach at Home
The Rabbinical Assembly (the international organizations of Rabbis that governs the Conservative movement) provides a handy guide for navigating the complexities of Pesach.

To learn the details of what goes into preparing your home for the holidays or answer your questions about food that is Kosher for Passover, click here to download the RA's Pesach Guide.
Need Haggadot?
Hosting your own Seder? Need a Haggadah? TBE has extras! Contact Daniel in the office to reserve your copies now. Supplies are limited and borrowing is on a first come, first serve basis.

The Feast of Freedom Passover Haggadah, with a new translation and a detailed, provocative commentary is the haggadah of the Conservative Movement. Clear instructions and explanations take the reader step by step through all the Seder rituals. The text encourages the active participation of everyone at the Seder table. Impressive artwork in full color by Israeli artist Dan Reisinger. Hebrew and English text are on opposite pages with substantial English notes throughout.
Sell Your Chametz
Per the Rabbinical Assemby, all  chametz  (if one of the five grains – wheat, barley, rye, oats and spelt – sits in water for more than 18 minutes it becomes chametz, and one may not eat, derive benefit from or own it on Pesach) should be destroyed or given away if possible before the holiday begins. Should this be impossible, the chametz may be stored in such a way that we are sure not to use it during the holiday and its actual ownership is transferred to a non-Jewish person until the holiday ends.

In order to make this easy, Rabbi Braun will take care of this for you! Click here to download our Sale of Chametz form, fill it out and send it back to us . By doing so, you permit Rabbi Braun to sell your c hametz on your behalf.

It is customary to make a donation for Maot Chittim – literally ‘wheat money’ - so that those without means will be able to prepare for the holiday. We donate these contributions to MAZON - A Jewish Response to Hunger ( Please consider contributing to this important cause.
In the Community
Congregation Shaarey Tphiloh is hosting a community seder led by Rabbi Aaron Shub under the auspices of the NJOP and their Passover Across America program on
Friday, April 19, 2019 at 7:30pm
preceded by Maariv at 7pm.
$25/adult, $20/minor or student, $75/family of four. Reservations required by midnight Saturday, April 6. Location: TBE Social Hall,
For more info email
The Bet Ha'am Congregational Second Night Passover Seder
Saturday, April 20, at 5:30 PM

Recommended donation of $18 per person or $54 per family.

Reservations are required by Wednesday, April 17. 
Reservations can be made by calling the Bet Ha'am office at 879-0028
or reserving your seat online  HERE .
Recovery-Oriented Passover Seder
Apr 20, 2019, 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Portland Recovery Community Center

This secular Passover seder will connect the holiday’s themes of oppression and liberation to the process of recovering from substance use disorder. For many, Pharoah is alcohol or Egypt is addiction. In addition, Passover can be an especially stressful holiday for those in recovery, considering one traditionally drinks four glasses of wine over the course of the seder.

RSVP is required via the event registration form.

If you have any questions or would like to be involved in planning this event, contact Rebecca Bass , JCA Program & Membership Coordinator
Tonight Only!
Friday, April 5th - 5:30 pm
"Let all who are hungry come and eat." - The Haggadah, introduction to the "magid" section. It's a mitzvah to give tzedakah while you are cleaning out (or eating up) your chametz.

Join Hebrew High for a Pre-Pesach Spaghetti Shabbat Dinner. Dinner will be cooked by our very own Hebrew High students! The dinner is free for all to enjoy but a suggested donation of $10 will go to feed the needy. Donations can be made in advance on the TBE website ( ), by calling the office or at the door.

Kabbalat Shabbat Services begin at 5:30 pm with dinner at 6:45 pm