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Dear Fellow Congregants,
Although Passover 5780 will be a different experience for us all, it remains a time for rejoicing, celebrating and keeping our memories alive. Technology that a few short weeks ago was the domain of a small subset of people will enable many to celebrate the holiday together (virtually). For my family and me and perhaps for you, too, the Seders will provide an opportunity for self-reflection and giving thanks for what we have and hold dear – our health and the relationships we cherish with family and friends that are focal points for meaning and connection in our lives.
May you be blessed with a happy, meaningful and fulfilling Passover. It is my fervent wish that we all stay as healthy and safe as possible in the days and weeks ahead. Together we can and will grow stronger and closer as a congregation, creating a kehillah kedosha – a holy community – that truly supports, values and is there for one another.
Ken Klein,