Pesah Programming and Resources
NEW for Pesah 5781
The Rabbinical Assembly's Kashrut subcommittee has released important updates and Pesah recommendations. Please click here to read them. Our Pesah Guide for 5781 is also available for download. This guide provides a brief outline of the policies and procedures relevant to the preparation of a kosher for Pesah home in accordance with the principles of Conservative/Masorti Judaism.

Once again, Rabbi Mordy Schwartz has generously agreed to arrange the sale of hametz on behalf of those who live in North America and fill out this form. This form will be available until 8:00 AM ET on Friday, March 26. 

We also encourage you to join us for a Pre-Pesah Siyum on Thursday, March 25 from 8:00-9:00 AM ET. Register here.

There will be a second Pre-Pesah Siyum for those on the West Coast on Thursday, March 25 from 7:30-8:30 AM PTRegister here.

The RA is compiling lists of Pre-Pesah programming and virtual seder options. Please click here to view them. These lists will be updated as events are posted.
Additional Pesah Resources
Response to the question "Regarding the legal principle of notein ta'am lifgam: does it apply during Passover? Is our custom to regard something with such a transmitted [and damaged] hametz-flavor as forbidden or permitted?"

Response to the question "If one finds hametz in his/her home on Pesah, and wants to dispose of it and burn it, is it permitted for her to touch it, or not?"

CJLS responsa by Daniel Greyber.

Kashering a Kitchen: We are pleased to share these instructional videos featuring Rabbi Jeremy Markiz on various methods of kashering a kitchen. 

If you are planning to hold a virtual seder this year, please review our CJLS guidelines for streaming of sedarim. Please also note that you can use Yahad, a free platform that allows families to host their own virtual seders. If you would like to access a pre-made seder, please see our RA's "Seder Made to Order" from Passover 5780.
Passover Haggadah: The Feast of Freedom
This classic, bestselling Passover haggadah features insightful commentary, clear instructions, and bold artwork by Israel Prize-winning artist Dan Reisinger. To meet your needs during this time of pandemic, we are once again offering our haggadah in two formats:
Free digital edition: To download the haggadah as a PDF, click here. We are grateful to the family of Dan Reisinger for their support in making this beautiful haggadah available in digital form.
Print edition on sale (list price $18.95, on sale for $15): Click here to order the print edition. Quantities are limited, and shipping times are still longer than usual, so place your order soon!
Important order deadlines for delivery by the first seder (applies to non-bulk orders in the continental United States only):
  • Orders of 10 or more copies must be placed by Thursday, March 10.
  • Orders of 1-9 copies must be placed by Monday, March 15.
Questions? Email for assistance.
Have a Slavery-Free Pesah 
The story of the Jewish people begins with the journey from slavery to freedom. Today, as we tell our children the story of our bondage and liberation, we understand that we are not only telling the story of the past but describing life for millions of people across the world now.

We are committed to making Pesah a focal point for every one of us to take action. Please be sure to watch this video featuring Rabbi Debra Orenstein explaining how to make Pesah about slavery past AND present. 

We have also prepared two double-sided resources and a full-length book full of useful information for you to download, print, and share with your families, friends, and communities. You can access these resources on our website here.