August 2021
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Downy Mildew Potential for Arkansas
Aaron Cato
Assistant Professor and Horticulture IPM Specialist

The risk for downy mildew in our pumpkin crop has gone through the roof this week with Hurricane Ida blowing by. Checkout the link below for information on identification and management.
Hammerhead Worms are Here
Jon Zawislak
Instructor - Apiculture

Reports of hammerhead worms have jumped significantly in the last year. See this article for more information about these invasive animals.
Name that Herbicide!
Tommy Butts
Assistant Professor and Extension Weed Scientist

This month’s Weed Science contest is Name that Herbicide! Symptomology from this class of herbicides includes red/purple coloring of grass leaves in conjunction with chlorosis, as well as a rotting meristem. Be the first to email Tommy Butts at with the correct answers to the questions in the article to win a prize!
Rose-Black Spot
Sherrie Smith
Plant Pathology Instructor, Plant Health Clinic Diagnostician

See below for information in preventing this common and serious disease of rose.
Fall Armyworm - Forage Update
Kelly Loftin
Professor and Extension Entomologist

Fall armyworm is still impacting many portions of the state. See below for more information about potential damage to emerging winter annuals and control options.
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