June 2021
Get the latest updates in Arkansas pest management from your extension specialists.
Forage Pest Update: Fall Armyworm and Bermudagrass Stem Maggots
Kelly Loftin
Professor and Extension Entomologist

Multiple reports are coming in across Arkansas of infestations of insect pests in forage crops. See here for information about these pests and how to manage them.
Potato Scab
Sherrie Smith
Plant Pathology Instructor, Plant Health Clinic Diagnostician

Getting calls about lesions on potatoes and potential issues with scab? See here how to identify the type of scab you are dealing with and how to manage it in the future.
Can You ID the Weed?
Tommy Butts
Assistant Professor and Extension Weed Scientist

Put your Weed ID skills to the test in this month's Weed Science contest. Be the first to email Dr. Tommy Butts (tbutts@uada.edu) with the correct common name (be specific) to win a prize. Who will be this month's weed ID master?
Managing Broad Mite Infestations in Arkansas
Aaron Cato
Assistant Professor and Horticulture IPM Specialist

We are already beginning to find warning signs of significant infestations of broad mite in commercial blackberry plantings. Provided here is the necessary information you need to avoid losses from this pest!
Four Arkansas Counties Added to the Federal Imported Fire Ant Quarantine
Kelly Loftin
Professor and Extension Entomologist

What does the new designation of Fire Ant quarantine in several Arkansas counties mean for you? See below for more info...
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