May 2021
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Winter Didn't Lessen Face Fly Abundance
Kelly Loftin
Professor and Extension Entomologist

Getting swamped with questions about face flies? See here for more info about identification and management for these livestock pests.
Anthracnose in Tulip Poplar
Sherrie Smith
Plant Pathology Instructor, Plant Health Clinic Diagnostician

With all the recent wet weather, it's the perfect environment to start seeing lesions on some of our favorite trees. See here how to prevent and manage anthracnose on tulip poplar.
What Happened Here?
Tommy Butts
Assistant Professor and Extension Weed Scientist

Can you diagnose this issue in field corn? Click below to try your hand at this month's Weed Science Contest.
Tomato Fruitworm in Flight
Aaron Cato
Assistant Professor and Horticulture IPM Specialist

Tomato fruitworm are laying eggs on susceptible plants across the state. Provided here are recommendations on how to easily manage them in tomato.
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