October 2021
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Preventing Losses from Cattle Lice
Kelly Loftin
Professor and Extension Entomologist
With the temperatures cooling down we need to start thinking about cattle lice. See here for information regarding prevention and treatment.
Peach Leaf Curl
Sherrie Smith
Plant Pathology Instructor, Plant Health Clinic Diagnostician

The fungicide timing for peach leaf curl prevention is rapidly approaching. See the link below for more information about when and what to spray to prevent this disease.
What’s the Weed?
Tommy Butts
Assistant Professor and Extension Weed Scientist

Take a stab at guessing the common name of the weed species in this month’s Weed Science contest. Be the first to email tbutts@uada.edu with the correct common name to win a prize!
Controlling Horse Bot Flies
Kelly Loftin
Professor and Extension Entomologist
The timing for control of Horse Bot Fly is rapidly approaching. See below for more information about prevention and treatment.
Minimizing Hay Wastage to Limit Stable Fly Abundance
Kelly Loftin
Professor and Extension Entomologist
Stable flies getting out of hand? Follow the link below for a few tips and tricks to manage hay wastage and suppress fly numbers.
Blackberry Pest Management Considerations from 2021
Aaron Cato
Assistant Professor and Horticulture IPM Specialist

Provided here are some statewide observations and reflections on pest management efforts in blackberry. See below for some advice on avoiding the big issues we ran into such as SWD and Raspberry Crown Borer.
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