September 2021
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Report Sightings of Egyptian Geese
Becky McPeake
Professor and Extension Wildlife Specialist
If you find this goose invading your farm fields, parks, or neighborhood, report it!
Orange Felt Disease in Blackberry
Sherrie Smith
Plant Pathology Instructor, Plant Health Clinic Diagnostician

See below for information about identifying and preventing this disease.
Weed Science Contest: What Strategies Reduce Drift from Aerial Applications?
Tommy Butts
Assistant Professor and Extension Weed Scientist

Can you select the correct strategies to reduce spray drift potential from an aerial application? Be the first to email me at with the correct responses for each question (1-5) and win a prize!
Its Time to Think about Spraying for Raspberry Crown Borer
Aaron Cato
Assistant Professor and Horticulture IPM Specialist

Raspberry crown borer is a serious pest of blackberry in Arkansas that growers need to be concerned about. Provided here is information about how to manage this pest, which requires control measures to be implemented within the next 1-2 months!
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