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CPR Briefs Decisionmakers on How Pesticides Impact Children's Health
Attend a Regional Workshop On Pesticide Use Near Public Schools
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CPR briefs decisionmakers on how pesticide exposure impacts the health of California's children  


On April 30th, CPR coordinated with legislative allies, public health scientists, and an investigative reporter to brief Sacramento decisionmakers and thought leaders on how hazardous agricultural pesticides applied near schools pose a risk to the health of more than 500,000 California school children.


In conjunction with the one year anniversary of the release of the California Department of Public Health's disturbing report on the use of highly hazardous agricultural pesticides near public schools in the state's primary agricultural counties, Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia and Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson invited state decisionmakers to learn more about the crisis and how to resolve it.  Both gave inspiring presentations on the need to do more to protect California farmworkers and children's futures. 


Dr. Irva Hertz-Picciotto, Chief of Environmental and Occupational Health at UC Davis and professor at the UC Davis MIND Institute, shared the most recent research on the developmental threats that pesticide exposure poses to children. Dr. Hertz-Picciotto's own research shows a causal link between prenatal and early childhood pesticide exposure and rising autism rates in California's agricultural communities. 


Investigative reporter and briefing emcee Liza Gross talked about her research into pesticide use in Ventura County. Ventura has the greatest amount of pesticide use near schools, which disproportionately affects Latino school children, who are twice as likely as white children to attend schools near the highest use of hazardous agricultural pesticides. Her in-depth piece - Fields of Toxic Pesticides Surround the Schools of Ventura County - was recently featured in The Nation. 


Maricela Morales, Deputy Executive Director of the Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy, talked about how this heavy pesticide use is affecting communities in Ventura County, and what people are doing to address this environmental injustice. 


Paul Towers, Organizing and Media Director for Pesticide Action Network North America (and CPR Steering Committee member) wrapped it up with a discussion of how we can affect policy reforms to resolve these health threats and support more sustainable agriculture.   


Affected community members from the San Joaquin Valley and Central Coast then spent the afternoon meeting with their legislators to talk about their experiences and specific concerns. 


TAKE ACTION: To ensure better protection of children at school, join CPR Steering Committee member PANNA in telling DPR you want stronger rules on how & when pesticides are applied near schools. Take action here!


Make your voice heard:

Attend a DPR workshop in Sacramento, Monterey, Ventura, Kern or Riverside County on pesticide use near public schools 



In response to the 2014 California Department of Public Health report on pesticide use near the state's public schools, this spring and early summer the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) will conduct a series of workshops around the state to solicit public input from the communities most affected by pesticide use near public schools.   


The CPR coalition is asking DPR to focus on development of a statewide policy to protect school children, staff and families from agricultural pesticide use near schools, parks and homes. We are encouraging everyone who is concerned about childhood and community pesticide exposure to attend a workshop. On May 21, 26 and 27, we will hold webinars on this topic and are also happy to provide you or your community with other preparatory support in order to make our voice as impactful as possible. For more information, please contact:


Workshops are scheduled for:


May 28th: Cal EPA Building, Sierra Room  

                  1001 I Street

                  SACRAMENTO, CA 95814

3:00 pm: Grower & pesticide applicator issues

5:30 pm: Community, parent, & teacher issues (with simultaneous Spanish translation)


June 2nd: Cesar Chavez Library

                  615 Williams Rd.

                  SALINAS, CA 93905

3:00 pm: Grower & pesticide applicator issues

5:30 pm: Community, parent, & teacher issues (with simultaneous Spanish translation) 


June 3rd: Ventura County Govt. Center

                  Board of Supervisors Room
                  800 South Victoria Ave.
                  VENTURA, CA 93009
3:00 pm: Grower & pesticide applicator issues

June 3rd: Rio Mesa High School Library
                 545 Central Ave.
                 OXNARD, CA 93036

7:00 pm: Community, parent, & teacher issues (with simultaneous Spanish and Mixteco (Baja) translation)


June 4th: Kern County Library - Lamont Branch
                 8394 Segrue Rd.
                 LAMONT, CA 93241

3:00 pm: Grower & pesticide applicator issues

5:30 pm: Community, parent, & teacher issues (with simultaneous Spanish translation)

June 9th: City of Coachella Corporate Yard
                 53-462 Enterprise Way
                 COACHELLA, CA 92236

3:00 pm: Grower & pesticide applicator issues

5:30 pm: Community, parent, & teacher issues (with simultaneous Spanish translation)



Update on DPR's fumigant  

notification workshops


Originally planned for this spring, DPR has delayed its statewide fumigant notification workshops until fall in order to focus on the schools workshops. CPR attended the initial public information gathering session in Sacramento on April 9th and is working to ensure that the regional workshops are accessible for impacted rural agricultural communities. We will update you as soon as the schedule is announced.