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Why the pesticide skepticism_
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Round and round we go on pesticides. Here's why
USDA's latest annual report finds, again, that pesticide residues in produce crops are well below even the most sensitive levels that could pose health risk for infants and children. Yet the news that residue levels were safe in all but 38 out of 10,619 fresh fruit and vegetable, baby food, salmon, oat and rice samples did little to calm some quite shrill alarmists. Why do they refuse to believe?
Does Nebraska need to constitutionally protect farming_
Why the heated battle over Nebraska's waters?
Nebraska's representatives in Washington have stepped up the fight against what they believe to be regulatory over-reach by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regarding how it intends to regulate  small streams, ditches and wetlands. Why are farmers and senators so opposed to this latest proposal by EPA?
Is the natural-food crash coming_
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Love that natural thing! (BTW, what does it mean?)
Natural food is all the rage, according to a handful of new surveys. But the dark secret behind the natural-food craze is that it may be setting up the food-chain for a hard fall, as consumers discover just how meaningless the claim really is. Is there a lawsuit in your future?
What_s the beef with cattle futures_
What's the beef with futures markets?
Nebraska cattle ranchers joined their fellow beef producers in urging the national exchange that sells cattle price futures to make some major changes to protect the trustworthiness of the system. Here's why it's important to them--and to you.
Watch this sky-high view of the 2015 Nebraska harvest
Watch as York's Kaliff family farm operation rolls across the plains of Nebraska, bringing in this year's corn and soybean crop.

What'd he say?
Sometimes, the outcomes of professional football seasons are as unfathomable as this hilarious interpretation of on-field commentary, courtesy of the YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading.
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