Remembering Jake Morris
After Jake Morris' service, there were a number of requests made for the text of Dick Brooks' remembrance. You will find the remembrance below!
I am Dick Brooks . I am here today because I want to make a public appreciation for Jake Morris-a long-time St. Mark's parishioner-who died last week.
I do this for myself and, I believe for many other "old-timers" at St. Mark's. But I also do this so that parishioners who never knew Jake will at least hear about his good works and his legacy at St. Mark's.
My wife, Carolyn, and I have been members of St. Mark's since the early 1970s. We have held several positions of leadership here and (at times) have been "insiders". So, we have known Jake and his wife, Nonie, both in their public support of the parish and in their support behind the scenes.
Jake and Nonie joined St. Mark's, I think, in the late 1950s.  Jake was a cradle Episcopalian (whose Anglican ancestors date back to the 1700s). He was very loyal to the Episcopal Church in general and to St. Mark's in particular. His regular attendance was like clockwork; I remember exactly which pew in which he and Nonie sat every Sunday. 
Jake was a parish leader and a consultant to parish leaders.  He served as Senior Warden and logged multiple terms on the Vestry.  He also served on multiple committees-especially having to do with finance and investments. He was a successful Chicago lawyer who, when needed, provided legal counsel and legal services to the parish.
Besides giving generously of his time and talent, Jake (and Nonie) gave of their treasure in a major way. Without sharing specific numbers, I can say that, without two couples (the Baccashes and the Morrises), the Second Century Renovation (done from 1994 to 2006) would have been decidedly less successful. Without that renovation and without the Morris's generous annual support of the last sixty operating funds, the doors of this parish church probably would be closed today!
Through it all, Jake and Nonie were surprisingly modest and never were pushy. Neither with respect to the annual operations nor with respect to the Second Century renovations did they ever ask for influence proportional to their giving. They always supported whatever decisions were made within the democratic committee processes.
Jake was not only a leader: he and Nonie were consistently supportive of whoever else was leading. Especially in times of crisis (and, inevitably in sixty years, we have had times of crisis) Jake and Nonie wanted what was best for St. Mark's and helped this parish resolve and survive the crises.
Jake and his generation are now virtually gone.  (I think Caroline Frowe is the lone survivor; and she is unable to come to the church). Carolyn and I, along with our age-mates, are now-officially--old-timers. I say both to my fellow old-timers and to younger folk who never knew Jake, thank God for such forerunners at St. Mark's! And I ask everyone to please recognize the legacy of Jake, Nonie, and their generation.
(Per the family's request, any offerings in memory of Jake should go to St. Mark's)
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St. Mark's is committed to working with God to create a better community and a better world. God is at work in our world and St. Mark's parishioners seek opportunities to join God's mission in their daily lives - at school, at home, at work and through a variety of social justice and outreach initiatives. Following are just some of the ways in which St. Mark's is involved in the community in helping to create a better world.
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Thank you to all who participated in Bike-the-Ridge this year!
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Sunday, October 14
When you walk in the CROP Hunger Walk, you are raising money to help fight hunger but you are also walking in solidarity with all of those people around the world who are walking for food, for water and for firewood each day. Only days left to sign up to be a Walker or sponsor! We now have 4 Walkers participating from our congregation. To become a Walker or sponsor, please contact Rich Forst or Donna Richardson or visit the St. Mark's CROP website,  or drop your contribution in the jar at the front of the church. The CROP Hunger Walk is truly about us all fighting hunger in many ways throughout the world!! Thank you for your support!
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Each week, volunteers from St. Mark's and St. Matthew's work together to prepare and serve meals for our neighbors who struggle with hunger and homelessness. On Tuesdays from 6:00-6:30 p.m. volunteers prepare sandwiches. On  Wednesdays, volunteers gather in Cunningham Hall from 10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. to set out food and beverages, serve the meal and talk with our guests. Contact John for more information !
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Sunday, October 6 in Bethlehem Chapel 9:30-10:15 a.m.
Dan Huntsha from Faith in Place will speak about creative and low cost ways we can use less energy and less water here at St. Marks. He will tell stories of faith communities that have worked on protecting our common air, land, and water. Join members of the Creation Care team for this forum. Questions? Contact  Allison Ashley,
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