November 2, 2023

CDFA Now Excepting Pet Lover's License Plate Grant Applications


Invitation to Upcoming Pet Overpopulation Webinar

The goal of the California Pet Lover's License Plate continues to be realized. The plate, which hit the road in 2013 and was created by Judie Mancuso, Dr. Gary Michelson, and Linda Starr among others, including the support of Pierce Brosnan, who donated his artwork for the license plate, was designed to sustainably fund low cost and free spay and neuter programs throughout California. If you do not have the plate yet, please buy one at this link.

We are thrilled to announce that the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) will be granting out up to $350,000 in funding for the 2024 Pet Lover's License Plate Grant Program (Pet Lover's), which will mean after this round over $1.85M dollars will have been granted out for spay and neuter surgeries!

Applications for FUNDING are due by 5pm on November 29, 2023.  

To APPLY, go to the Pet Lover’s website at to review the 2024 Request for Proposals and for additional information regarding this funding opportunity. 

Click below to read CDFA's press release with the announcement.

the homeless dog behind the bars looks with huge sad eyes with the hope of finding a home and a host


"Backyard Breeding, Animal Overpopulation, and Policies & Actions That Can Make A Difference!"

Our founder and president, Judie Mancuso, who will be a panelist on the Webinar, is quoted in an upcoming article discussing the webinar:

"I look forward to joining the Backyard Breeding and Pet Overpopulation Crisis Webinar, as we need all the support on this issue that we can get. My goal is to make people aware of the circumstances contributing to pet overpopulation and the multitude of solutions needed to fully wrap our arms around this big issue. I also want to share the legislation that has successfully passed into law, and also our attempts which were defeated and discuss where we might go from here."

To attend the webinar, you must register HERE.

Date & Time: Nov 8, 2023 05:00 PM

Panelists Include:

Lisa Milot, Univ. of Georgia Law Professor & Director of the Practicum in Animal Welfare Skills

Judie Mancuso, Founder, CEO & President, Social Compassion in Legislation, California Veterinary Medical Board Member 2010-2018

Bob Ferber, Founder/Supervisor (retired) L.A. City Attorney Animal Protection Unit

Brought to you by Old Blue, Inc, a nonprofit dedicated to helping animals in LA County.

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