Summer 2021
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In this edition you will:
  • get to check out our award winning kitchen remodel
  • get ideas for pet-friendly renovations
  • learn about a rooftop deck upgrade
  • learn more about Andrey Antonyuk
  • get a recent customer testimonial and more.
We are proud to share that we are the Winner of the Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) 2021 Excellence in Remodeling award for kitchens in the $45,000 to 75 ,000 range.

From catios to built-in pet washing and feeding stations, learn how some pets are living it up this summer!
Summer is the season when many people are making improvements to their homes. We've advised on how to make your home more comfortable for you when you're working from home and for your kids during remote schooling. However, we have not yet talked about how to improve your home for one type of family member: your pets! 

Recently, we were hired to remodel a deck in Seattle. This deck was no normal, backyard deck. It was a rooftop patio! 

The project began with the plan that the deck would utilize the full rooftop. However, as we started the work, we found some structural barriers that limited the amount of area we could convert. Even though the footprint was smaller than originally planned, it was still enough space to create a classy rooftop deck.

Andrey has 18 years of experience as a craftsman. He has broad experience in remodels, and as a carpenter, he knows how to get the job done. He is someone that knows how to be on time and lives by the adage, “If you’re not 15 minutes early, you’re late.”

Bert S. states:

I had the Shirey Pro firm install a new set of vanities in a bathroom remodel. This was 5 separate cabinets and it needed to be centered in the space, leveled, and mounted to special framing. I worked with Victor on how I wanted it done and the result was great - perfectly level and very sturdy. Also, getting the fillers to fit perfectly on each side was a special skill that I appreciated a lot.

Bert S., Bellevue, March 2021

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