Sometimes it’s the tiniest creatures that make the biggest impact on us. Meet Casey Schwitzer, a newer (to KHS) foster parent who specializes in caring for the smallest and most fragile of felines: neonatal kittens

“I’ve been fostering since I was a kid,” said Casey. “My mother has always been an animal lover; because of that, we always had rescues we were nursing back to health. I really became passionate about rescue when I learned just how vulnerable neonatal kittens are. The idea of a baby kitten not having a mom or being raised outside in the elements tore my heart into pieces, and with that, I decided I was going to learn as much as I could!”

Casey joined the KHS network of fosters in March of 2022 and jumped right in with a litter of 2-week old orphaned kittens! “Kitsap Humane Society has such a wonderful foster program too. It’s been such a blessing working with folks that are just as passionate as I am,” said Casey. With all her foster experience combined, Casey has fostered nearly 100 neonatal kittens!

“Ultimately, I believe animals really just are the best things in the world, and I want to dedicate my life to helping them thrive so that they can live happy and healthy,“ said Casey.