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Vote Peter Flores for Texas Senate District 19
Vote Peter Flores for Texas Senate District 19
Democrat incumbent Carlos Uresti has the ethics of a weasel       
I, Adam McManus, think that the San Antonio Express News editorial about this race says it all.  They are thoroughly disgusted with the Democrat incumbent named Carlos Uresti who has the ethics of a weasel as you will read below.

Democrat incumbent Carlos Uresti has the ethics of a weasel.
While the Express News made no official endorsement in the State Senate District 19 race since they're reticent to ever endorse any Republican, they are compelled to admit that the constituents of District 19 deserve an upstanding man of character like Pete Flores.
San Antonio Express-News editorial
Given state Sen. Carlos Uresti's involvement with FourWinds Logistics, the bankrupt frac-sand company at the center of fraud allegations, we cannot recommend him to voters.

The Republican Club of Bexar County dreamt up this sign as a message
to let people know that they have a choice other than the Uresti Brothers of the Democratic Party.
No to Carlos Uresti, Pete Flores' unethical opponent;
No to Albert Uresti running against Michael Berlanga for Tax Assessor, and
No to Tomas Uresti who is running against John Lujan for State Rep 118. 
Under the best scenario, Uresti's role in FourWinds reflects poor judgment. The FourWinds story is incredibly complicated, and Uresti isbut one player. But he's an important player, one whose role as a state senator gave FourWinds a legitimacy it clearly did not deserve.

Uresti represented Denise Cantu, a legal client, after her Ford Explorer's rear tire blew out, causing a rollover and the deaths of her son, daughter and two others. Cantu won a large settlement, and Uresti encouraged her to invest $900,000 in FourWinds. It was bad advice. Cantu lost most of the money in the deal, but Uresti received $27,000 in commission.

Uresti has been inconsistent about his involvement with FourWinds. He  initially said he had a 10 percent stake in Cantu's investment, only to later say he does not. He also received a $40,000 loan from FourWinds, which he says was an advance on future commissions and legal work. He initially failed to disclose this source of income on his personal financial statement.

Uresti has served on the Natural Resources Committee, which oversees public policy on oil and gas. That raises obvious questions about potential conflicts of interest with his ties to FourWinds. Uresti has refused to acknowledge a potential conflict.

Republican Pete Flores is challenging Uresti for the District 19 Texas Senate seat. Flores, a retired game warden colonel, is earnest and strikingly positive.

Pete Flores speaking before the San Antonio Republican Women

But he supports school vouchers and replacing property taxes with a so-called fair tax, which is an increased sales tax. These policies would set Texas back.

Pete Flores' humble beginnings

What I love most about Pete Flores is his background.  He had the deepest admiration for his father, an airman, who passed away 12 years ago.

Pete Flores, who had just made lieutenant in Bryan, Texas in 1994 with his late father

And Pete was one of 10 children with strong family values.

Pete Flores, pictured above on the far right in 1996,  
with his parents seated in the middle, and his nine siblings.

Pete told the Uvalde Leader newspaper that his "background taught us hard, work, honor, respect."

Pete Flores grew up in South Texas, graduating from high school in Laredo and attending Laredo Junior College before graduating from Texas A&M University in College Station.

Pete Flores served as the Texas Game Warden for 27 years. 

Pete Flores was Texas Game Warden for 27 years

After retiring, he gave a presentation on quality of life, public safety and economic value, community leaders and Republican Party members approached him about running against Carlos Uresti. 

He explained, "It's time to jump in. It's the right thing to do.  I dislike being represented by the same guy doing the same thing, but not getting anything done.  I'm not a politician. I'm a public servant." 
Pete Flores, Texas' Former Top Game Warden,  
Looks to Continue Public Service

Pete Flores is running for Texas Senate District 19, which is composed of all or parts of 17 counties running from Bexar west to Brewster and encompassing a long stretch of border with Mexico.

Senate District 19 map

A former leader of Texas Parks and Wildlife's statewide law enforcement division with strong ties to South and West Texas, Flores sees the Texas State Senate as another way he can serve the region.

"I would bring strong managerial, budgetary, governance and leadership  experience to the Texas Senate having been responsible for $60-million budgets, managed more than two dozen field offices, and supervised more than 127 civilian employees and nearly 532 commissioned officers," Flores said.

Pete Flores oversaw a $60 million budget, 24 field offices,
127 civilian employees, and 532 game wardens.
(This picture does not imply endorsement by anyone in the picture) 

As Colonel Game Warden for Texas Parks and Wildlife, Flores built a  strong reputation for implementing community-based law enforcement  protocols and successfully coordinating law enforcement operations with  local, state and federal law enforcement officials.

Pete Flores in front of his first big sign in Uvalde

 As a state senator, Flores would represent more than 800,000 persons living in Atascosa, Bexar, Brewster, Crockett, Dimmit, Edwards, Frio,  Kinney, Maverick, Medina, Pecos, Real, Reeves, Terrell, Uvalde, ValVerde, and Zavala counties.

Flores would like to serve on the Senate's Criminal Justice and Natural Resources committees. 
Pete Flores' Family and Church

Pete and his wife Elizabeth, who have been married for 34 years, have two adult daughters and two grandsons. 

Pete Flores' grandsons

They reside in Pleasanton, Texas where he decided to retire after serving the State of Texas for 27 years as a State Peace Officer.

Pete is blessed to be a Texan and devoted to God, family and public service. 
He and his wife are members at St. Andrew's Catholic Church in Pleasanton.

Pete Flores stated that honor, integrity and service are foundations of his character and strongly believes that we are only as good as our word. "If I give my word, it will be good".

Pete Flores speaking at New Creation Christian Fellowship in San Antonio

He holds a Texas Master Peace Officer certificate, is a graduate of the  
Governor's Executive Development School and is listed as a Fellow of the  
National Conservation Leadership Institute.

Pete has a personal interest in wildlife, antiques and books.

Pete Flores' stand on the Sanctity of Life

Pete Flores is pro life.  He supports the de-funding of Planned Parenthood in our state.  

He does not believe that we need to fund a non-profit such as Planned Parenthood which has no oversight from your elected representatives.

Pete Flores' stand on the Economy

Pete Flores believes that a robust, diversified economy is critical and should not depend on one source of revenue.  He will work to lessen the tax burden on small businesses and entrepreneurs to encourage investment and job creation.

Pete Flores with Mrs. Lupe Flores Vargas, owner of Vevilu Art Gallery at 507 East Gibbs in Del Rio. She placed a Flores sign at her business location

He will work with our communities and governmental entities to provide incentives for large businesses to locate here and grow and prosper with us as partners. Pete believes that our economy is our collective financial lifeblood and we are all in it together.  He will not hinder progress with excessive regulation or excessive taxation.

Pete Flores' stand on Spending and Taxes

Pete Flores is a supporter of conservative fiscal policy in the state budget. He believes our priorities must be funding what we need, before what we want.

Pete Flores taking a quick pic in the middle of blockwalking with supporters

Pete Flores will work diligently to keep our state's transportation infrastructure sound.  The state's rainy day fund should be maintained and our budget balanced. Our state's economic growth and development is critical to us all, and there should be no self-imposed barriers to that end. 

It is important that businesses are created as well as imported to Texas.  Business makes jobs, jobs drive the economy and our citizens prosper.  Taxation that hinders robust establishment and growth of business such as the franchise and inventory tax should be eliminated.

Robert Sanchez proudly displays his Flores sign at the entrance to his ranch.

Pete believes that oversight of the County Tax Appraisal Districts by the State Comptroller should be increased to provide an improved check and balance to those entities that levy property taxes upon us all.

Pete Flores' stand of Education

Pete Flores believes that the education of our children is key to the success of our state. Quality education should not be the exception, but the rule in Texas.

A bureaucrat, corporation or non-elected official does not know better than our teachers and parents. Pete supports more teaching to learn than teaching to the test. Our teachers must have a fair market value wage and a sound retirement; they serve with purpose. State funds must be allocated with more emphasis on the course and subject than administration and special projects.

Pete supports Governor Abbott's 60/30 TX plan, which envisions that by 2030, at least 60% of Texans aged 25-34 will have a post secondary credential or degree.

Pete supports a voucher program, as parents should have a choice where  
their child goes to school.

Pete Flores' stand on Public Safety

Pete Flores believes that Public Safety is one of the primary services of government. The ready availability of quality First Responders such as Police, Firefighters and  Emergency Medical Technicians is of the utmost importance to Pete's campaign.

Pete Flores at a Mico Volunteer Firefighters event

As a citizen of District 19 and State Peace officer, Pete expects our First Responders to be well supported, equipped, trained and professional.  
This provides for a quality of life that you expect and deserve.

Pete Flores believes that our borders must be secure and our communities must be safe. 

Pete Flores at the American/Mexican border as he campaigns in Uvalde, Del Rio, and Eagle Pass. This is the border fence at Eagle Pass with Mexico in the background.

Pete Flores strongly supports our state's efforts to secure our borders and to identify and dismantle transnational criminal organizations and gangs in our  communities.  His many years of experience working with local, county, state and federal law enforcement has given him insight and knowledge of this issue and the understanding of the dire consequences to us all if we don't act.

Pete Flores with the Lumbre bikers from Pecos, Texas.

Pete will make Texas borders secure and a bad place to be for criminals and gangs.  He believes that we are and must remain a state where the rule of  
law reigns.

Pete Flores' stand on Property Rights

Pete Flores believes that landowner rights, such as ownership of groundwater are established in Texas and should be preserved.  The use of eminent domain must only be used by a government entity only when it has been demonstrated that the interest of the community is clearly the issue.  Use by a non-governmental entity should be strictly forbidden.

Pete knows that a community must have input and approval before eminent domain is authorized and the property in question shall be paid by the government entity at no less than current fair market value.  Should the property end up not being used for the purpose intended by the condemnation, then the property owner should have the option to buy it back at the price paid, with all interest restored.

Pete Flores' stand on Energy

Texas is a world leader in the production of oil and gas. Our landowners,  
producers, consumers and the economy all benefit tremendously from this  
critical industry. It is Pete's position to work diligently to see that Texas is an energy industry friendly state through incentives, sound policy and regulation that works with the energy industry stakeholders and not against them.

In the vast areas of the district that have an abundance of sunlight and wind but little fossil resources, Pete is committed to promote solar and wind power generation. The combination of oil, gas, solar and wind power will continue to provide jobs, and have a positive economic impact on and contribute to the energy independence of America.

Pete Flores' stand on Conservation

Pete Flores believes that our quality of life includes having clean water, wild places and wild things.  Our state's wildlife resources and its land, waters and woods are among the best in the United States.

Our State Parks in District 19 attract visitors from around the world and contribute millions to the economy and community.

Texas is 97% privately owned.  Texas landowners are the primary stewards of our state's wildlife; we should never take them for granted.

Pete Flores at the Medina Battle Commemoration

The North American Wildlife Model is the best in the world, and the result of it is all around you -- quality wildlife diversity that supports a multi-billion dollar economy to Texas.  As a person who has devoted a career to conservation, Pete Flores will work to protect our state's natural resources and work to keep Texas the envy of the nation.

Pete Flores' stand on Marriage

God and the people of the State of Texas defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman.  A father and a mother form the nucleus of the family which is the foundation of our society.

Pete Flores believes that marriage is between one man and one woman.

The people of Texas affirmed God's divine design by a vote under the state's authority under the 10th Amendment. This vote by the people of Texas was overruled by the Supreme Court under the argument that Texas Law was counter to the 14th Amendment.

Pete Flores speaking to the Hill Country Retreat Seniors Association

While Pete disagrees with the Supreme Court on this issue and stands with the people of the State of Texas under our right under the 10th Amendment, he believes we must abide by the rule of law. Meanwhile, Pete will steadfastly support the Texas family to keep our foundations strong.

Texas is one State under God. Texas was founded under that premise, exists as such and it is Pete Flores' commitment that it will remain so.

Pete Flores' stand on the Budget 

The Texas Budget is $209.4 billion dollars along with a rainy day fund of $11 billion. Pete Flores will work diligently to preserve a balanced budget, spend conservatively and maintain a rainy day fund to keep our Texas financially free.

The Texas State Capitol where Pete Flores will keep the budget balanced

He will work to insure that we cover the "what we need" before "what we want".

Pete Flores' stand on Gun Rights

As a Texan, citizen, sportsman and Peace Officer, Pete Flores is a strong proponent of  the people's right to bear arms, as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment of  the Constitution.  He will oppose any effort to undermine a citizen's lawful possession of firearms in this state.

Gun violence has been on the forefront of the news ranging from mass killings to gang wars.  Unfortunately, the liberal left blames it on the gun.

Pete Flores says that we address gun violence by vigorously enforcing the laws we have on the books and further enhance penalties in any crime committed with a gun.

Pete Flores next to a couple of constituents on horseback in Uvalde.

Taking away the guns of lawful citizens to satisfy a liberal agenda while coddling the criminals is not good public policy or law. Pete will fight for our right to bear arms and will work to insure that Texas vigorously prosecutes those who engage in criminal activity against us with a gun.

The Texas State Rifle Association grades each of the candidates.   Based on their questionnaire that Peter Flores completed, he received an "A".  By contrast, Carlos Uresti, the Democrat incumbent, received a "C-" based on his voting record.

Pete Flores' stand on Veterans

Pete Flores believes that we are free because of the people who have stepped up to keep us free.  Our military veterans must be honored and our commitment to them met.

Pete Flores with men from the Alpine chapter of Veterans of Foreign Wars

As the son of a father who spent his career in the Air Force and a mom who followed him around the world, Pete personally understands the sacrifice they and others who served made to keep us free. 

Pete will be an advocate for our veterans in the Texas Senate.  They kept their word to us and we shall keep ours to them.  He will strongly support the men and women who serve us as peace officers, firefighters and First Responders.

If you place yourself in harm's way on our behalf, Pete Flores will advocate on your behalf in the Texas Senate.

Pete Flores doing a television interview

Endorsements of Pete Flores
Brewster County Sheriff Ronnie Dodson (Democrat)
Friends of San Antonio Family Association
NRA Political Victory Fund
Terrell County Sheriff Clint McDonald (Democrat)
Texas Leadership Institute for Public Advocacy
Texas State Rifle Association PAC

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