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Events, Events and Events!                                                                         March 22, 2017
For those of you that don't follow us on facebook, the big news (thankfully in the rearview mirror) is that my 2016 ended with the diagnosis of extensive prostate cancer and surgery to remove the prostate entirely. After surgery, our 2017 started with tests showing I am cancer free. There's no reason to belabor the point (remember when we were all young and couldn't believe that all old people seemed to do was get together to compare their health ailments). The only thing left to say is the recommendation to have your PSA tested annually. I felt entirely healthy and my PSA number was never that high but the trend that could be seen with a .1 increase every year indicated cancer to our doctor who ordered a biopsy and that began the confirmation and the journey back to health. No testing is foolproof but it worked for us. 

2017 has continued to be an amazing year, beyond my wildest dreams. In January Gayle and I went to Geneva, Switzerland to unveil the new Daytona Coupe watch I designed with Baume & Mercier. I never could have imagined the opportunity to design a luxury watch. We share details below.

I came back to the States just in time to be inducted into the SCCA Hall of Fame along with amazing people like Lyn St. James and Phil Hill. We then participated in the Concours of the Hills in Fountain Hills, AZ followed this month by the Amelia Island Concours. 

Coming up will be my participation in the Indiana SAAC Spring Fling in May. June is the Couture show with Baume & Mercier in Vegas. July we head to the Pacific Northwest for the Sovren Historics at Pacific Raceways south of Seattle. August will be Monterey week but we're thinking of mixing up our appearances. Stay tuned for details.

And with being home in Vegas during March Madness we went a little mad ourselves and are offering a 15% discount on most of our products through the end of this month.

We share more details and stories below!
Peter (& Gayle) Brock
New Daytona Cobra Coupe Watch 
Peter Brock teams with Baume & Mercier to design distinctive watch
I've had many honors in my design career but to be chosen to design a luxury watch based on my Daytona Coupe design was really special. Two years ago I met the CEO of Baume & Mercier, Alain Zimmerman (seen here at the prestigious SIHH show where the watch was unveiled this January) which culminated in working together on the Daytona watch. 

For more than a year I worked closely with B&Ms lead designer, Alexandre Peraldi.  As opinionated designers we approached each other skeptically at first but quickly found we were of one mind. I was impressed by his ability to take something so large as the Coupe and bring its distinctive design features down to such a small scale. It takes a true artist to accomplish such a task and create a watch that represents the individual characteristics of the livery.

The result is this striking, recognize it across the room, limited edition Daytona watch which I unveiled with B&M in Geneva, Switzerland.  It can be noticed across the room with the stunning half blue and white colored dial with the chronograph's hand shaped as the Cobra logo in red. The band's embossed carbon fiber-like pattern sets off the sporting elegance of this time piece. The winding mechanism on the back of the watch is in the shape of the Coupes' Halibrand wheels. Crowds gather as the watch is removed from ones wrist and with one good shake the wheel spins. 

You can view a video of the making of the watch. Go here and scroll down to where it says "The Designing of the Baume & Mercier Coupe Watch". B&M filmed this video at our house last June as design of the watch was in progress. Of the three versions of the watch, 196 of the split cove watches have been made (the top speed of the Coupe at Le Mans in '64) and 1964 each of the blue face and white faced versions have been made (the year the Coupe won Le Mans). All are numbered. At the SIHH show, the watch sold-out to  Baume & Mercier resellers in less than 24 hours. Resellers are to be making them available in the U.S. in April.  If interested, contact your local B&M watch store.  One reseller we met at the SIHH show which will carry the watches is Ben Bridge Jewelers.

A special thanks to Claude Nahum who provided his Sarrailh-built Coupe to be on display at the SIHH show and Dick Carr who provided his Superformance Coupe for the taping of the video at our home and surrounding area in Henderson.

Our next activity with Baume & Mercier will be at their display at the Couture Show in June at the Wynn hotel in Vegas. These high-end jewelry shows are a much different experience than the traditional car events we attend and yes we admit, we're having fun!
The Magic of 2017 Continues
My Induction into the SCCA Hall of Fame
In 1963 the Cobras winning their class in the SCCA Championship was the beginning of Carroll deciding to take on Ferrari in Europe which resulted in my designing the Daytona Coupe. That success led to Ford giving Shelby the contract to run the Ford GT40s, resulting in 4 FIA World Championships for Shelby (1 for the Coupe and 3 for the GT40s). My experience with the SCCA started long before my years at Shelby however.

You may be aware (we hope you are), that I write a column for every issue of Classic Motorsports Magazine. In the next issue (the May issue seen below) my column reflects on my induction into the SCCA and what the SCCA has meant to me. We share with you here the first paragraph of my upcoming column. We will let you get a copy of the magazine online here, or on newsstands in a couple of weeks, in order to enjoy the column in its entirety.
Excerpt from Brock's column in May '17 Classic Magazine:
"Sometimes you're offered a gift and don't realize its true value until years later because you never understood at the time how much it would change your life. My recent induction into the Sports Car Club of America's Hall of Fame came as such a surprise that it wasn't until the award ceremony that I fully realized what it meant and was left emotional and almost speechless, unable to express the gratitude and memories that suddenly came rushing. Later that evening I looked back at what the SCCA had given me and realized that if I had not gone to the Pebble Beach races back in 1951 I'd never have seen the cars and met the amazing people who influenced an incredibly exciting and unpredictably wonderful life." 

Be sure to pick-up a copy of the May issue of Classic Motorsports to read my entire column. 
My Award Winning Book Goes Into Second Printing
Second edition gets soft cover
Another great accomplishment for me this year is the first printing of my book on the origins of the Corvette Sting Ray is almost gone. With my upcoming induction into the Corvette Hall of Fame the Museum stores are asking for books to offer so we've gone into a second edition/printing with a soft cover version.
This  "soft touch" soft cover second edition is made with the same quality printing and paper and PRINTED IN THE USA as the first edition books.  At a lower price point of $34.95 many people were snapping them up at the Amelia Island Concours (where we unveiled them) as gifts. Whether you want one of the remaining first edition hard cover books, the limited collector edition slip case version or the new second edition soft cover books,   you can purchase them here.

Amelia Island Weekend
More than double the size this year
The Amelia Island Concours weekend gets bigger every year. We started Friday with an Aerovault trailer on display at the Porsche Werks Reunion (the events first year on the east coast it attracted more than 650 Porsches!). The event will be held every year now in conjunction with the Amelia Concours weekend. The Aerovault sold within 3 hours of the event with the understanding the new owner couldn't take delivery until the weekend's activities ended Sunday (he felt like he'd won the lottery and was happy to wait). A highlight for us was meeting all the Aerovault owners that made the trip to show their own cars at the Concours. Brock was overheard saying Friday night what a great group of people Aerovault owners are, then quickly added, as most "car people" are (-:
The Amelia Concours doubled in size this year by adding a MotorExpo field where we had a BRE booth and the Aerovault on display (as seen above). Bill Warner is a real visionary and featured Japanese race cars this year.  I was joined by my favorite driver, John  Morton on Amelia Island's Friday afternoon panel: "Japanese Racing - The Men Behind the Victories". Joining us on the panel were Sam Posey, Tommy Kendall, and Chip Robinson.

We had the pleasure of towing our Aerovault cross country with another Aerovault owner, Darwin and Patricia Ludi of San Diego. After many attempts to get the Ludi's to enter their beautiful Daytona Blue '63 split window Corvette into the Amelia Concours, they felt with an Aerovault they could finally make the trip.  

It paid off as they won GM's Corporate Styling award, presented to them personally by GM's VP of Design, Michael Simcoe. What a treat!   Their 'vette is also Bloomington Gold certified and Darwin was instrumental in my getting inducted into the Corvette Hall of Fame.  He and Patricia will be with us when I accept the honors at the Corvette Museum later this year. Before then however, the Ludi's are  off to the La Jolla Concours to do the same. C ongratulations Darwin and Patricia! 

At the Amelia Concours, I was to select Best Japanese Prototype Race Car along with Adam Corolla and Tommy Kendall. We unanimously chose the 1991 Le Mans winning 787B Mazda (seen below). This prototype had a maximum power output of 900 hp which was limited to 700 hp during the race for longevity. One of the main reasons I chose this car it it's the only Japanese car to win the European dominant Le Man race overall.
A Quick Nod To March Madness
15% off most items on our website
Now living in the Vegas area it's hard not to get caught up in March Madness so we decided to offer 15% off apparel, art/posters, calendars, fun stuff, models, patches, and photography on orders over $49 this month

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'Tis the Season for Events!
We look forward to Indiana SAAC's 40th Annual Spring Fling
You can't go wrong with a three day weekend (May 19-21st) of Shelby cars, friends and a chili picnic a the beautiful Abe Martin Lodge in Nashville, IN. 

Gayle and I will be at the event all weekend  to celebrate the Indiana SAAC's 40th Annual Spring Fling, celebrating all things Shelby American

Amongst other activities, be sure to join us for my presentation at the dinner banquet Saturday. I love sharing my archive photos and stories from those amazing days.  And come with your questions!   Go here to get more info or register now.   P re-registration deadline is April 14th. 
Not Near FL or IN? How about the Pacific NW Historics? 
Sovren Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the first Trans-Am Race
June 30th thru July 2nd, Sovren puts on its premier event in 2017 with the Pacific Northwest Historics, saluting the 50th anniversary of the first Trans-Am race at Pacific Raceway just south of Seattle.

As I will be the Featured Guest arrangements are well underway to have a great display of many of the cars I've been involved with, including an Aerovault trailer if you haven't had the chance to see one up close and personal. 
There will be three days of racing with over 200 cars expected. Special features, a great vendor's row, Saturday's Salmon barbeque and many other events make the PNW Historics special.

Get more details or register here.
 Note: Early bird registration ends June 16th, so if you'd like to enter do it soon! 
Attend an Event in Style
Fleece pullover is fleeting while new sport pullover rolls in
Cobra sweatshirt2
We love this fleece lined pullover but we figure whoever wants one, probably has one by now and it's time to move on. 

Get our traditional  pullover here  while they last.  Remaining sizes are Med, Xlarge, and 2Xlarge.

We maintain this classic design with our new pullover in a waffle patterned, moisture-wicking fabric that sports attractive black striped sleeves and collar details.  It's perfect for chilly mornings and evenings as we head into track weather. 


I'm In!
Corvette Hall of Fame Induction
When I received the phone call that I was to be inducted into the Corvette Hall of Fame, I was at a loss for words. When I was 19 and went to work for GM, I didn't have a clue of the mark I would leave on such an amazing car. The induction ceremony will be on September 1 and registration for the event for members will be open in April. 

I want to thank all the people who sent in letters to the National Corvette Museum and campaigned and supported my nomination. It means the world to me.

In return, I've decided to continue to offer, the reprints of my original 1957 studio drawing that Bill Mitchell picked off the wall as the direction of the Corvette Sting Ray. You can purchase it here, but it wont be there for long.  
In Closing
AZ, FL, IN, WA, KY... I'm thinking that if we don't see you at an event this year, you're not really trying! (-: There's no doubt more to come so check our schedule here often.

One last reminder... get your PSA checked and have a healthy and wonderful 2017!
Peter and Gayle Brock
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