Peter Brock Designs News Issue #047: 
Summer Events Revealed                                                                               June 27, 2017
Seems like life is reaching a zenith with all of our speaking engagements and awards. Recently a friend told me that people must be afraid I'm on my way out. I'm sure that's why they say "that's what friends are for! (-:  

Below we share with you the latest of activities such as:
  • The U.S. launch at the Couture Show in Las Vegas, of the Daytona Cobra Coupe watch I designed with Baume & Mercier
  • A profile coming up in Vanity Fair UK on myself and the Daytona watch
  • The fun time we had at the Indiana SAAC Spring Fling where I spent quality time with a hardcore group of Shelby aficionados (shower storms did not deter this groups enthusiasm!)
  • The story I shared of my running the Cannonball Run  in 1974 for the Cannonball Reunion in CT. If you weren't around during the heady days of Brock Yates as editor of Car & Driver and the founder/organizer of the Cannonball, enjoy some great history below.
  • You may have seen the redesigned Mustang Valance I made for the '65-'67 R models (if not, check out photos below of Mustang driven by Paul Tracey at Indy). With a reduced priced due to investing in a re-designed mold, you can now pick these beauties up at National Parts Depot.
  • In just a few days we'll be at Sovren's Pacific Northwest Historics in Kent, WA. There will be a "Peter Brock Display tent" with several of the cars I've been involved with (listed below). Having lived in the area for several years I'm looking forward to seeing many familiar faces.
  • In August we head off to Monterey Car Week! This year we have a different participation plan. We will NOT have a booth at the track but will instead be at popular area events throughout the week. Check them out below. 
  • Right after Monterey comes another one of those Hall of Fame events. It might sound like just another day for me by now, but I must say I am deeply honored to be inducted into the Corvette Hall of Fame during the National Corvette Museum's Anniversary weekend. I want to thank everyone who helped make this happen and those that plan to join us at the induction.
By then we're heading into September and we hope you can join John Morton (Shelby and BRE Championship driver) and I at our BRE Open House  this Fall.  There will be great bbq, car awards and we always try to have a special surprise come into the parking lot that day!

Check out details and stories below!
Peter (& Gayle) Brock
ARCS - Achievement Rewards to College Scientists
A chance to present to this group had me learning more than them
I'm going to share something unexpected with you that may just blow your mind as much as it did mine. I love talking to people with passion and I'm often amazed what passions people have.  Earlier this year I was invited to present to a group of Scientists and Engineers, specifically to the LA Chapter of the ARCS organization and their supporters. 

In October of 1957 Russia launched Sputnik and in a moment's notice, the U.S. was far behind in the space race.  A small group of women took notice, wondering what could be done to elevate our own nation's scientific leadership. To summarize this amazing story and organization, i n 1958 this group of visionary women volunteers created the ARCS Foundation, raising  money for scholarships and fellowships for the support of both undergraduate and graduate science students. They  invested in scientists. Science student graduate school scholarships would soon be seen as a targeted, effective way to further science philanthropy in America. The ARCS Foundation quickly grew nationally.

The accomplishments of this group are amazing. It was a privilege to be able to speak to them about my small role in scientific breakthroughs (as they saw it) in the world of automotive aerodynamics and to witness an evening of their largess. It will truly blow your mind to read about this organization here.  I learn something every day!

And what does this photo have to do with the ARC?  Far right is avid ARCS supporter and sponsor of the evening's event, Douglas Kazanjian. I met Doug through my interest in jewelry (he is 3rd generation jeweler of the Kazanjian Brothers jewelers). When talking we found we both knew automotive collector and Petersen Museum founding Chairman of the board of directors' Bruce Meyer. This tri-fecta combined for Doug to put on the ARCS event at the Petersen Museum with my presentation.
Indiana SAAC Spring Fling
We were impressed with this hardcore group!
SpringFling The Indiana SAAC group is wonderful. Pouring rain, for days, didn't deter this hardcore group of Shelby car owners and enthusiasts. I suspected this was a special gathering and prior to attending I spent a lot of time preparing for my evening presentation as I really wanted to share some special behind the scenes history with this Shelby group. Based on the standing ovation I think it went over well (-:  They even awarded me "first place".  I also donated a Daytona Cobra piece from my private collection. At the evening auction it brought in a whopping $900 donation for the club's charity of choice! 
We all got wet but any day is a good day to look at cars. I love the Indiana SAAC's dedication to put on, and come out for, this outstanding event, no matter the weather.  A big thanks to them for welcoming Gayle, Kit and I so warmly.

The Couture Show in Las Vegas 
Baume & Mercier launch Cobra Daytona Coupe watch in the U.S.
CoutureShowLasVegasI spent most of my time at the Couture Show in Vegas meeting with the press. Each reporter had different questions based on their audience. Revolution Watch magazine came prepared with their own photographer and videographer. The result is this video on the creation of the Daytona Coupe and the Daytona watch.

For the Couture booth, Dick Carr provided his beautiful blue and white striped Superformance Coupe for display. Dick is becoming pretty well known with B&M as back in February he also provided his Coupe for a photo shoot by Vanity Fair UK.  
Each O ctober issue, Vanity Fair UK does a profiles in people section. One year it might be focused o n philanthropists or artists or musicians, etc. This year's focus is Speed.  I will be one of the people profiled, with my B&M Daytona watch and
 Dick's Coupe. The photoshoot was done by Patricia Von Ah (seen at the far right of this photo).  She shot in color with two cameras and one camera in black & white (saying she prefers B&W). You may know her work from the Breitling watch campaign she shot with John Travolta and his planes a few years ago.  

Patricia lives in Switzerland and flew to NV for the shoot.  We did the shoot in February on a rare cold day. I felt like a 22 year old model on location without the bathing suit and the beach. We're not sure how you can see the piece in this U.K. magazine but they do seem to have a fairly active twitter page here.
Redesigned Mustang Valance Gains Traction 
Paul Tracey Showcases new Mustang Valance at Indy

As part of that project I got to design the front valance I had always wanted. The 3rd R model to sport my new valance debuted its new look at Indy, owned by Gary Moore and co-driven by Paul Tracy.

Thanks to making a new mold after these two project cars were made, we're now able to offer them publicly.  With mounting flanges included, installation is simple and doesn't require a lot of additional, costly hardware.  You can get these new valances from us here or if you are a fan of National Parts Depot, please order them from NPD where they have them featured on their home page here.
The Cannonball Run!

Reunion of the original racers
CannonballReunionIn 1972 I ran Brock Yates' Cannonball Run from NY to CA with Dick Gilmartin (seen next to me in this period photo) and Jack Cowell in a Mercedes sedan, dressed as "The Flying Fathers". As well wishers offered to pump gas for us, give us free food,e tc we learned Fathers have a pretty good gig going.  It did however lead to unfortunate incident with "the law" in Oklahoma.   You can hear my short rendition of the story in this video here that was played at the Reunion a few weeks ago.

The Cannonball reunion  was held at the Greenwich Concours and hosted by Mike Spinelli. 
Select nostalgic items were auctioned at the event such as (below left) a replica of the license plate Brock Yates ran on the Transcon Medi-Vac ambulance, signed by Hal Needham, and
(below right) Bob Brown's original jacket from the 1972 run with Brock Yates and Bud Stanner when they drove a modified Dodge Challenger.

Brock Yates hatched the first Cannonball in 1971 to prove that good drivers in good cars can go as fast as they want on interstate highways. "Speed is freedom, freedom is speed," sayeth Yates. He and race driver Dan Gurney won the first Cannonball in a Ferrari Daytona, crossing the continent in 35 hours and 54 minutes. Says Gurney of that trip, "At no time did we exceed 170 miles per hour."  If you would like to hear more stories of this fabulous time in automotive history, the book Yates wrote on the history of the Cannonball is available at these sources. I wrote the chapter on the Flying Fathers as many participants contributed their own stories to the book.  It's a great read!
Sovren Pacific Northwest Historics 
Pacific Raceway June 30 thru July 2
SovrenPacificRacesSaluting the 50th anniversary of the first Trans-Am race at Pacific Raceway, just south of Seattle, is the trip this week for myself, Gayle and mascot Kit. As the featured guest, I'll be telling stories of my BRE team's Trans-Am days as well as Shelby's development of the GT350 Mustangs.

A "Peter Brock tent" will contain many vehicles I've been involved in such as a '63 Corvette split window, the stunning Triumph TR-250K I designed in 1966 (seen here), an R model Shelby GT350 Mustang, a Daytona Coupe replica, a BRE Datsun 510 Tribute car, an Aerovault and more!  

I will be in the tent throughout the weekend for autograph sessions.  We hope to see you there!  Get more details here
Monterey Car Week
Aerovault to be featured at four exciting events throughout the week
MontereyCarWeek2017Normally during Monterey Car Week we have a BRE booth at Laguna Seca with an Aerovault and BRE merchandise but this year we're switching it up! Displaying the Aerovault at varying events is this year's plan. 

The Aerovault is a ground breaker in more than just aerodynamics. For many, if not all of these events it will be the first time a car hauler has been featured. Please stop by at the following fun events from August 15th through the 19th (Gayle and I may swing by the paddock at Laguna on our way out of town Sunday the 20th).


Tuesday August 15, 2017   10am-5pm

We're excited to show the Aerovault at this prestigious event that kicks off Monterey Car Week. Not just any (like none) car hauler is able to display on Ocean Avenue for this event!



Wednesday August 16, 2017   5pm-10pm

If you haven't gone before, don't miss out on Gordon McCalls spectacular Motorworks Revival. The Aerovault joins company with the likes of Gulf Stream, Bombardier and Baume & Mercier. 

Along with the Aerovault we'll be displaying our "survivor" BRE Baja 510 that I drove in the Mexican 1000 in '69 
(now called the Baja 1000)  

Friday Aug 18, 2017   7am-3pm

The Aerovault will join hundreds and hundreds of Porsches at the Corral de Tierra Country Club in Salinas. More than 50% of Aerovault owners own Porsches so we'll be surrounded by friends. Remember to get up early for this one.

Saturday Aug 19, 2017  9:30am-5pm

Since Aerovault was named the "official trailer" of Sports Car Market a few months ago, we're collaborating with SCM publisher, Keith Martin at one of the fastest growing events on the Peninsula. During the Concorso we will discuss details of the Aerovault along with other beauties on the field.
Corvette Hall of Fame Induction
August 31 - September 2, 2017
CorvetteHallofFameI'm overjoyed as we get closer and closer to my induction into the Corvette Hall of Fame at the National Corvette Museum (NCM). I'm not only honored by the induction but by all the people that are attending the event to make the experience truly special for me.

The weekend's detailed schedule is out. Even if you're not into Corvettes I recommend you check it out to see an example of a truly comprehensive event.  Karting for kids, car tours, tours of the town, art classes, autograph sessions, car displays, on and on.  Go here to check out the NCM schedule and register for the event. 

Throughout Thursday and Friday I will be signing my books in the NCM store ( we've just introduced the second edition of my award winning book in soft cover for $34.99 here ). Friday is the big day with a roundtable discussion with the still-living inductees, followed by an autograph session and that evening the induction ceremony and banquet. 

Time is running out to procure a reproduction of my sketch here. You know, the sketch Bill Mitchell selected in 1957 as the direction to take to create the Sting Ray (original sketch seen above).  This will last until my induction (or we run out) so order yours here now. 

Being inducted with Jim Minneker and Tommy Morrison is an honor. To be able to share this moment with my friends and family will be a once in a lifetime experience.
2nd Annual BRE Open House
Friday October 6, 2017
OpenHouseMany of you came out last year to share stories with myself and John Morton, take tours, grab some cool stuff from our BRE store and join us in some great BBQ!

John and I are ready to do it again. For Datsun fans, the evening of the 6th is the meet-and-greet for the  Nostalgic Datsun Run in Williams, AZ.  Our timing is no accident. We are conveniently on the way to Williams. 

A highlight of this year's gathering will be John and I each awarding a car with our "Choice Award". That's right, one award from John and one from me.

If you'd like to confirm your attendance now  email Kat here.  We'll send out another reminder before October. Remember, your car doesn't have to be a Shelby, a Corvette or Datsun to win. If John and I like it, we like it!
In Closing
Have we missed anything?  In this ongoing flurry of activities we hope to see you at one of the events I'm attending this summer. 

We're not making it out East any time soon so now's the time to catch me at different locations as I scale the west coast. Remember the BRE shop is always open here in Henderson (near Vegas), so if you are headed to Las Vegas for a trip, you can check out our history wall and we'll gladly give you a tour. Just let the team know of your intended visit to see if I'll be here. 
Peter and Gayle Brock
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