Peter Gray Hatchery Update  
A beautiful thing happens each year by the end of October (typically). All the tanks in the Peter Gray Hatchery are empty. You may think to yourself, "How is this a good thing?" Although a viable question, the answer is that empty tanks mean all of the "little athletes" (fall parr) that have been in the hatchery since January are now stocked in the river! This year right around 120,000 parr were stocked at 14 different sites throughout the East Machias watershed.

But before we could get to the point of stocking beautiful Atlantic salmon we had to mark each and every one. This refers to our annual fin clipping where we clip the adipose fin off each salmon in our hatchery. This allows us to identify salmon from the Peter Gray Hatchery when we are doing future field assessments. Those assessments would include smolt trapping in the spring and electrofishing in late summer. Since the adipose fin doesn't grow back, if we capture a salmon without one, we know for a fact it came from the Peter Gray Hatchery . Hence how we can tell you wonderful news like juvenile salmon in the river at densities not seen since the 1980's and quadruple the number of smolt headed to sea compared to what left the river before the Peter Gray Parr Project started.

Of course fin clipping couldn't be accomplished without the help of hundreds of volunteers, 221 this year to be exact. Those volunteers put in over 357 hours of work. I'd like to list out the schools that helped this year: multiple classes from Washington Academy, multiple classes from Elm Street Elementary, multiple classes from Rose M Gaffney, multiple classes from the University of Maine at Machias, Alexander Elementary, George Stevens Academy, Machias Memorial High School, Shead High school, the JMG program from Rose M Gaffney. On top of the help from area students we also received help from DSF staff, NOAA staff, DMR staff, DSF board members, DSF members, and a few volunteers from the community. Thank you to all that help to accomplish this very important task.

Stocking as always is one of our favorite times of the year. The air is crisp, the leaves are colorful, and we are filling our beautiful salmon river with genetically distinct and endangered salmon parr. The goal is to have these fish live for another year or two in the river before migrating to sea as a smolt . This is end of our hatchery cycle with this year's fish, but the start of their journey in the wild. The hope is in four years time we will be seeing them come back to the East Machias River and spawn. Once again thank you to the US Fish and Wildlife team over at Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery for lending us the stocking trucks.

We had some news coverage the one day we were out stocking with a couple local schools.
The cool thing is this stocking took place at the habitat restoration site on Beaverdam Stream we highlighted in last month's update. So, not only did these students help stock some endangered salmon in a newly restored piece of habitat, the younger group of students helped plant some trees that will aid in restoration for years to come! We enjoyed the help of Washington Academy, University of Maine at Machias, and Wesley Elementary with stocking our salmon this year.

Alright I'll stop blathering away and let you just check out the pictures of this Peter Gray Hatchery Update .

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$60k Peter Gray Parr Project
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Peter Gray Hatchery Staff 
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