Above is DSF's East Machias facility that houses the Peter Gray Hatchery, including our new expansion. The shot is upriver looking at the estuary. Thank you Eric Holm for the aerial shot.
Peter Gray Hatchery Update  
Good evening all! Once again I am happy to be reaching out about the Peter Gray Parr Project and I appreciate each and every one of you that takes the time out of your day to read through this update.

March flew by! It feels like just yesterday I was writing to you about February's activities and, BOOM, today was spent transferring our first batches of alevin (see pictures to you right) into our substrate incubation boxes set up in the Peter Gray Hatchery. These are the boxes designed by Peter Gray to mimic the conditions found in an Atlantic salmon redd (their "nest") out in the river. An alevin can develop in this incubation box until it is ready to start feeding and just as they do in the river, they will swim up, and in this case, out of the box to begin feeding.

It has been a cold spring, with cooler water temperatures hanging on. But have no fear, spring is fast approaching. When you walk outside the air smells different, the rays of the sun have a little extra warmth, and it stays daylight longer into the evening. Spring is a busy time in the salmon world. Alevin start hatching, in May those alevin emerge as fry, and smolt (the life stage of salmon that transitions to the ocean) start making their way to the sea. We will be smolt trapping before you know it!

Work continues in our hatchery expansion and it will be ready to grow fish this season. We'll be increasing from 10 tanks to 25. Exciting times here with the Peter Gray Parr Project.

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A great big thank you to Meagan!

After the better part of 8 years volunteering and working with DSF, our hatchery technician Meagan has moved on to other endeavors.

We appreciate all the work she has put into the Peter Gray Parr Project and wish her nothing but the best in life moving forward. She is a true friend of the Atlantic salmon.

The American s portscaster Ernie Harwell said it this way: " It's time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I'd much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure."
$30,000 Charlie Harriman Peter Gray Parr Project Matching Gift Challenge
Charlie was so happy with the success of his recent $60,000 Peter Gray Parr Project Matching Gift Challenge, that he has generously put up another $30,000 for a matching gift challenge!!  

For the 2019 Peter Gray Parr Project Matching Gift Challenge every donation to the Peter Gray Parr Project will be matched 50% up to $30,000.00. Your $100 gift becomes a $150 donation to the Peter Gray Parr Project!

Thank you, Charlie, for your steadfast commitment to the Peter Gray Parr Project!
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We hope this update finds you well and you enjoyed reading about the Peter Gray Parr Project . Thank you for all you have done, and continue to do, in the pursuit of Atlantic salmon restoration!

Kind Regards,

Peter Gray Hatchery Staff 
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