Preliminary numbers are in from the work DSF and Maine DMR (also, thank you NOAA for use of your rotary screw traps) put into smolt trapping this spring, 2019.

We captured the second highest number of smolts (220) ever during the Peter Gray Parr Project! The preliminary population estimate from the smolt trap is 1291 +/- 235. There are also smolt that grow below the trapping location and they were estimated to be 185 smolts.

Combined, this is 1,476 smolts that entered the Atlantic ocean from the East Machias River and considering the droughts these fish endured the past three summers this is an encouraging number! As you can see in the chart to the right, this is the second highest smolt estimate we have seen on the East Machias River!

Long story short the number of salmon leaving the East Machias River in 2019 from parr stocking is almost 5 times more than the number in 2013 from fry stocking.

For more information on smolt trapping please read that hatchery update here or check out our website.