A rainbow through the mosquitoes after an East Machias River rain storm
Peter Gray Hatchery Update  
Good morning to all those that support the Peter Gray Parr Project in one way or another and welcome to the June Peter Gray Hatchery update. Time has been flying here in Downeast Maine. Already July??!! - mind-boggling.

We have enjoyed a nice cool, wet start to our summer here in Downeast Maine. This is of stark comparison to the past three years of hot, dry summers and falls with very little to no rain. As we look out the Peter Gray Hatchery window and see an East Machias River with plenty of water, it gives us a sense of hope that the Atlantic salmon out in the river are having a great year. Perhaps they have the same sentiment as American producer Arthur Freed: " I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain; What a wonderful feeling, I'm happy again."

Our joint smolt trapping operation with the Maine DMR wrapped up on June 20th. This end date is a couple weeks later than the past few years of trapping - likely due to the cool temperatures and higher water levels in the river.

2019 Smolt Trapping

New smolt captures: 220

Peter Gray Hatchery Origin: 200
Wild (or naturally reared) Origin: 20
Recaptures: 42

2019's 220 smolt captured marks the second highest number of smolt captured during the Peter Gray Parr Project! The numbers haven't been crunched yet to determine the total estimated smolt population, but it most likely will fall somewhere between 2016's 1259 smolts (206 captured smolt) and 2017's 1691 smolts (260 captured smolt).

Given the harsh growing conditions these smolt have endured the past couple years, we believe the higher number of smolts is a promising sign for the salmon population in the East Machias River. Through record breaking drought conditions and high temperatures these little athletes were able to survive 2-3 years in the river and make their way towards the Atlantic Ocean.

Stay tuned for the next hatchery update where we should have a preliminary smolt population number for you. For more information on smolt trapping please read that hatchery update here or check out our website.

Please check out some drone footage of smolt trapping on the Downeast Salmon Federation's YouTube page, or you can click these links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dUv4IgvbR4, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XvJQl_gvKc.

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$30,000 Charlie Harriman Peter Gray Parr Project Matching Gift Challenge
We are almost half-way to our goal for the 2019 Peter Gray Parr Project Matching Gift Challenge!

Long-time DSF friend and supporter, Charlie Harriman, has followed up his very generous and successful 2018 challenge with another challenge: every donation to the Peter Gray Parr Project will be matched 50% - Your $100 gift becomes a $150 donation to the Peter Gray Parr Project!

To date, our member contributions to the 2019 Matching Gift Challenge have totaled almost $30,000. Generous members and supporters like Charlie are leaving their mark on the future of Atlantic Salmon in Downeast Maine! You can leave your mark, too!

Thank you, Charlie, for your steadfast commitment to the Peter Gray Parr Project!
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Kind Regards,

Peter Gray Hatchery Staff 
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