Urgent Petition
As supporters of responsible local government, we are distributing this communique from the non-partisan group "Citizens for Keeping Radnor United," to you, our constituents, because we think it's important.
Let the Radnor Township School Board know you condemn divisive behavior and leadership.

Dear Fellow Radnor Resident,

For most of us who call Radnor Township “home,” it has long been a welcoming community, devoid of any divisive government or partisan academic leadership. Individual contributions have made Radnor a very proud and impressive community and have come mostly from our residents who value critical thinking, diversity of opinion, and personal and family contributions.

We have all celebrated, and benefited from, a rich tradition of academic, athletic, and artistic excellence in our public schools and civic pride, as witnessed by our popular and well-attended Township festivals, artistic performances, sporting competitions, and parades. We have all invested in these traditions, and many of us have intentionally chosen to raise our children in this special community.

Unfortunately, last Monday evening (January 26th), Susan Stern, President of the Radnor School Board, intentionally attempted to divide our community, and now she needs to resign from this leadership position. We are seeking the immediate censure and resignation of Ms. Stern from her position as President of the School Board. You can watch for yourself here Ms. Stern's derogatory comments and mean-spirited words to her fellow School Board members and to all of Radnor. The letter we intend to deliver to the School Board and Administration is printed in its entirety below. If you would like to add your signature to it, please click here for the Google Form. Separately, please add your name to the related petition, available here.

Regardless of political party affiliation, we will not let the words and actions of our elected officials (like Ms. Stern) divide the special community of individuals and institutions that we have built and enjoyed in Radnor Township.

Citizens for Keeping Radnor United
Letter to be Delivered to the Radnor School Board and Administration
Dear School Board Members and Superintendent Batchelor:
We, the undersigned, ask that Ms. Susan Stern, president of the Radnor Township School Board, resign from her position on the Board.
Ms. Stern has demonstrated a pattern of impatience, incivility and intolerance towards both her peers on the Board and the Radnor community at large. The most recent example of this was illustrated in her comments during the school board meeting on January 26, 2021. During this meeting, Ms. Stern made a comparison between the actions of Radnor residents—who were exercising their right of free speech—to the actions of violent insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol building in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021. 
She asserted that the public statements of Radnor residents who questioned the process surrounding a recent Board vote brought to her mind the actions of insurrectionists who violently opposed the results of the national election. 
She attempted to quickly assure the community that she in no way was comparing Radnor residents to treasonous criminals—while doing just that. This common political tactic, known as gaslighting, allows Ms. Stern to hide behind her accusation with a caveat while simultaneously evoking imagery of violence and connecting it to those in our community who were peacefully exercising their right of free speech.
In drawing such a parallel between treasonous criminals and Radnor residents, she has illustrated that she does not have a rational view of the community and, as such, is no longer capable of representing us. Listening to those you represent is the number one job of an elected official and she has shown that she is unwilling to do so.
Accordingly, we ask that she tender her resignation immediately and, should she refuse, we ask the Board and the Administration in all due haste to remove Ms. Stern as President of the Board, and censure her, as her words are divisive to the community and do not represent the views of Radnor residents and School District stakeholders.
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