I'm pregnant, or breast/chestfeeding
should I get a COVID-19 vaccination?
Probably- YES!
  • The CDC has upgraded the advice for pregnant and breastfeeding women to RECOMMEND they get a Covid-19 Vaccination

  • Because pregnant and recently pregnant people are at risk for serious illness from Covid-19. Pregnancy makes you at higher risk, including for being admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, having mechanical ventilation, and dying. Getting vaccinated can protect you from severe illness from Covid-19.

for Covid-19, or for their babies
No safety concerns were found in animal studies,
no adverse pregnancy related outcomes occurred in clinical trials
and vaccination cannot cause Covid-19

  • FDA gave full approval on August 23rd to the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine for the prevention of Covid-19 for persons over the age of 15. The new name of the vaccine is Comirnaty.

Vaccination during pregnancy builds antibodies in your body (like with other vaccinations) that may help protect your baby.
No-one can get Covid-19 from a vaccination.
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This flyer was prepared by Liz George, RN, Perinatal Services Coordinator,
Sonoma County Department of Public Health.
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