May 17, 2021

Democrat Control is Running Our Country into the Ground

We're only five months into Democrat control of both houses of Congress and the White House. Already, we are seeing the consequences of their failed policies.
Just in the last month, the inflation rate accelerated at its fastest pace in more than 12 years, gas prices rose to their highest levels since 2014 (the last time Joe Biden was in the White House), and the number of border crossings has continued to skyrocket. All while employment numbers remain embarrassingly low.
Sadly, President Biden and Democrats in Congress continue to prioritize job-killing policies that expand the scope of big-government control.
I will continue doing what’s right for the people in the 11th District of Texas. We must stand firm in protecting our freedoms for our children and future generations.
Questioning “Climate Czar” John Kerry on our Energy Infrastructure
Last week I had the opportunity to question “Climate Czar” John Kerry on our critical energy infrastructure during a Foreign Affairs Committee hearing.
During the questioning, Kerry admitted to me that wind and solar energy do not make a reliable base load of energy for our Nationfurther underscoring the national security importance of the oil and gas industry.
We need oil and gas to sustain our economy and quality of life, period. Sadly, the Biden Administration is doing everything they can to destroy our industry.

Watch the questioning HERE.
Honoring the Two Concho County Officers
Last week we honored our law enforcement heroes during National Police Week.
Concho County knows all too well the importance of police officers. Camille and I are absolutely devastated by the news that two of our Concho County Sheriff’s deputies, Samuel Leonard and Stephen Jones, were killed in the line of duty.
These officers protected the community until the very end—defending our freedoms, values, and safety. Though we are unable to thank them for their sacrifice, we will never stop honoring their legacy and service.
We join with our Concho County neighbors in mourning the loss of these heroes. Please keep our entire law enforcement community in your prayers.  

I spoke on the House floor in honor of these two heroes. You can watch my remarks here or below.
Introduced a New Border Bill

President Biden and his administration completely blindsided us when they set up an emergency intake facility for hundreds of unaccompanied minors essentially overnight in Midland. Since that time, the communication and transparency from HHS has been dismal at best.
I introduced a bill to make sure it will not happen again.
My bill, the Migrant Facility Transparency Act, requires the federal government to coordinate with local communities before setting up future migrant holding sites. It ensures local officials are provided written notice at least a week in advance, and provides communities with the option to approve or deny site requests.
Additionally, it guarantees communication between HHS and local leaders by requiring HHS to issue a daily report on the number of migrants at the facility, updates on health and security issues, and closure dates.
Our local communities are bearing the brunt of the Biden Border Crisis. At the very least, we deserve the decency of transparent communication from the federal government.

Read more about my newest piece of legislation HERE.

Sent a Letter to Speaker Pelosi and Leader Hoyer

President Biden is continuing his attack on the oil & gas industry—the same industry that supplies nearly 70% of America's energy needs at a low cost for millions of families—by pledging to punish the fossil fuel industry with tax changes in his socialist infrastructure proposal.
I signed a letter with over 50 of my Republican colleagues imploring President Biden to put politics aside and reverse this decision.
Punishing oil and gas puts our economy and national security at an extreme risk.

Read the letter HERE or below.
Town Halls in TX-11

There is nothing more important than seeing and visiting with you face to face—which is what I had the opportunity to do at three town halls recently in Robert Lee, Bronte, and Mertzon.
Thank you to all those who took the time to come out. Your feedback better enables me to serve you and be your voice in Congress. I am working hard every day to protect our freedoms and Texas values. If you were unable to attend and have a question you'd like to ask, please send me an email here.
Spoke at Celebration of Life in Midland, TX

It was an honor to speak at the Celebration of Life event in Midland, where I had the opportunity to stand up for the sanctity of life with Abby Johnson.
Abby previously worked as a clinic director at Planned Parenthood, but resigned after witnessing an abortion over ultrasound. She underwent a radical life change and has since become a leader in the fight for our unborn nationwide. It was an honor to have her in Midland, and I applaud the work she is doing to advocate for life.
Every child deserves the opportunity to live out their God-given destiny. Thank you to Choose Life Midland for your advocacy and work on behalf of the unborn. Nothing could be more important.
Interviewed by Ben Shapiro
Energy security is national security—that’s exactly what I told Ben Shapiro when he had me on to discuss the cyberattacks on the colonial pipeline.
The Colonial Pipeline hack was a wakeup call. The Biden administration needs to start prioritizing our critical energy infrastructure and steer away from policies that undermine it.

Watch HERE or below as we cover American energy independence, the importance of a strong national defense, and how the GOP is pushing back against socialist, job-killing policies such as the Green New Deal.
Thank you for reading. It is the honor of my lifetime to serve you in Congress. Please follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for daily updates.
Rep. August Pfluger
Member of Congress