February 9, 2021

District Swearing In Ceremony
It is the honor of a lifetime to serve as your representative in Congress. On January 28th, I had the pleasure of reaffirming my oath to the Constitution and to the constituents of Texas’ 11th District before God, family, and the kind, honest, hard-working people that make our West Texas region so special.
Congressman Pfluger, joined by wife Camille, is sworn in by U.S. District Judge David Counts during a ceremony at the U.S. Courthouse in Midland on January 28th, 2021
I do not take this oath lightly. As a seventh-generation Texan born and raised in this District in a family whose livelihoods depended on agriculture and oil and gas, I understand that the policies coming out of Washington are more than just economics and industries—they are personal.

As I have said many times, the 11th District of Texas is special. It is a critical intersection of national security for our country. Home to the largest oil and gas producing region in the Nation, over 15 million acres of farm and ranch land, multiple premiere universities—both public and private—and a world-class Air Force Base that trains service members from every branch of our military in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, as well as specialized firefighting techniques. Our district also plays a key role in border security and many other critical operations.

But more than contributing Energy, Agriculture, and National Security, our District is made up of some of the best people in the world who truly care for their neighbor, community, and country. I have my work cut out for me going up against policies in Washington that seek to undercut conservative values and overblow the scope of federal government control, but I pledge to continue standing up for Texas values and for the people and livelihoods here at home.

Read on to see the work I have been doing for you in Congress:
Appointed to Two Major National Security Committees
I am honored and excited to represent the 11th District of Texas on two fantastic committees tasked with defending the security of our nation at home and abroad—the House Committee on Homeland Security and House Foreign Affairs Committee. I have also been appointed as the Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Intelligence and Counterterrorism on the Homeland Security Committee.

The most important role of the federal government is to protect our citizens from national security threats. Both of these committees will allow our district to have a seat at the table regarding immigration and border security, counterterrorism, cyber security, energy, and international trade, and advancing America’s position against global threats like China, Russia, Iran and other rogue actors.

I look forward to working with my colleagues on these committees to ensure the United States remains the safest, most prosperous nation in the world. Click here to read more.
Leading the Texas Ag Task Force

Last week, I was announced as a co-leader of the Texas Ag Task Force, which will promote and champion federal policies in Congress that strengthen Texas agriculture and rural communities.

The 11th District has over 15 million acres of farm and ranch land worked by diligent producers who provide not only this district, but the entire Nation, with the food and fiber we need to survive. I am excited to lead this task force with several of my colleagues and ensure that Texans present a strong, united voice as we advocate for the hundreds of thousands of hard-working farmers and ranchers in the Lone Star State.

Read more here.
Supporting Meaningful Legislation

Over these last few weeks, I supported numerous bills that further the best interests of the 11th District and our entire nation.

Sponsored by Dan Crenshaw (TX-2)
This legislation ensures that oil producers will retain access to critical energy reservoirs on the Outer Continental Shelf by addressing President Biden’s harmful executive order that jeopardizes our critical energy production.

Sponsored by Rep. Virginia Foxx (NC-5)
This bill works to prohibit taxpayer dollars from funding abortions or entities that provide abortions.

Sponsored by Rep. Kelly Armstrong (ND-00)
This bill authorizes the construction and operation of the Keystone XL Pipeline and declares that a Presidential permit is not required. 
Home in the 11th District

Last week, I had the honor of meeting some of the healthcare professionals, law enforcement agents, farmers, business owners, and community leaders who are making a huge impact in our district.  

Read some of my reflections on the good work being done in District 11 in my article in the Midland Reporter-Telegram.
Angelo State University is a special asset to the Concho Valley. It was an honor to meet with ASU President Ronnie Hawkins Jr. in San Angelo. During the meeting, President Hawkins outlined the university’s plans to establish a Center of Excellence in Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence through a partnership with Goodfellow Air Force Base, the local community, and existing industry relationships.

It is impressive to see the continued enrollment growth of the student body and hear about the great work underway to educate the next generation of leaders in a variety of industries, including intelligence. I look forward to partnering with President Hawkins and the Ram Family to support their mission and work towards the good of the San Angelo Community.

Read more about my meeting with President Hawkins here.
Meeting with officers stationed at the Border Patrol Station in San Angelo. These officers bolster our National security by operating unmanned aircraft over 850 miles of the border between Texas and Mexico.
Paying a visit to the students, faculty, and health professionals at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Permian Basin, who are reaching across university lines to advance telemedicine access in rural communities in West Texas.
Visiting the COVID-19 vaccination site at the Midland County Horseshoe and meeting some of the healthcare volunteers from Midland College.
Meeting with business owners and community leaders at a meeting with the Midland Chamber of Commerce.
Touring farms and ranches in the 11th District with the Texas Farm Bureau.
We Don’t Need Bailouts, We Need to Get Back to Work

I spoke on the House Floor for the first time in opposition to Budget Reconciliation, a partisan resolution that sets the stage to jam through President Biden’s COVID stimulus bill that will cost nearly $2 trillion, and includes a liberal wish list of provisions unrelated to the pandemic.

Click here or below to watch:
Thank you for reading. It is the honor of my lifetime to serve you in Congress. Please follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for daily updates.

Rep. August Pfluger
Member of Congress