June 16, 2023
Protecting Your Second Amendment Rights

This week, I joined House Republicans in voting to protect law-abiding gun owners from the Biden Administration’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

Earlier this year, the ATF issued a rule outlawing stabilizing pistol braces, which were first designed and intended to help disabled veterans fire large-format pistols recreationally. Without this necessary support, many disabled veterans would not be able to shoot a firearm safely.
Our legislation will prevent the Biden Administration from making millions of Americans felons overnight for simply exercising their Second Amendment Rights. I am a proud co-sponsor of this bill and will continue to stand up for lawful firearm owners.
REINing in the Federal Government

President Biden is abusing his power and circumventing Congress to enact his radical agenda. In his first year alone, President Biden finalized new regulations adding more than $200 billion in new costs to the American people without the buy-in of Congress—more than quadruple the costs added during President Obama's first year. In 2022, the Biden Administration proposed more than $1 trillion in new regulations.

House Republicans this week passed the REINS Act, to fight against the extreme overreach of the executive branch and protect the American people from President Biden's radical and costly agenda.

We are restoring the power of the purse back to Congress, where it must go through proper debate and the Congressional approval process. President Biden's student loan bailout, his bans on oil and gas lease sales, and federal takeover of elections are all examples of actions President Biden made without proper Congressional approval. The REINS Act will put a stop to these and more.

Reasserts the legislative authority of Congress, and prevents excessive overreach by the executive branch in the federal rulemaking process. 

Requires every new "major rule" proposed by federal agencies to be approved by both the House and Senate before going into effect. The REINS Act would define a "major rule" as:
  • Any federal rule or regulation that may result in an annual impact on the economy of $100 million or more;
  • A significant increase in costs or prices for consumers, individual industries, government industries, government agencies, or geographic regions; 
  • Or significant adverse effects on competition, employment, investment, productivity, innovation, or the ability of U.S.-based enterprises to compete with foreign-based enterprises.

It would also preserve Congress' authority to disapprove of a "nonmajor rule" through a joint resolution.
Speaker McCarthy Joins KWEL 1070AM

It was an honor to have the Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy call into the Morning Show with Craig Anderson on KWEL 1070 AM with me this week. We set the record straight on misconceptions surrounding the Fiscal Responsibility Act and discussed House Republican wins so far this Congress.

Listen to our segment here or below.
Republican Balanced Budget

I am proud to help introduce the Republican Study Committee Budget, a blueprint for conservative governance that will work to reshape our budget and boost the American economy.

This budget is the solution to balance our budget and end out-of-control spending by unleashing American energy independence, cutting taxes, and securing our border. It includes my legislation to put Midland Over Moscow, outlaw noncitizen voting in DC, and expedite important refueling tankers to our ally Israel.

We are committed to putting the U.S. on a path to fiscal sanity while championing pro-growth policies to grow our economy and bring down costs for American families.

A balanced budget is needed now more than ever. We must protect our children’s future, rein in reckless spending, and hold our nation’s leaders accountable.

I am proud of the work that my Republican colleagues, including Chairman Hern, Budget and Spending Taskforce Chairman Cline, and more on this critical issue. Read more HERE.
Saving Gas Stoves

It's hard to believe, but in a time when Americans are struggling to afford groceries, the Biden Administration is implementing new rules to take away their stovetops and ovens.

Their de facto ban on gas stoves would eliminate more than half of the gas cooktops on the market today while forcing the 187 million Americans who use affordable, reliable natural gas to switch to expensive, less-desirable alternatives.

If this administration was serious about limiting pollution and protecting our climate, they would unleash natural gas production from my district in the Permian Basin.

House Republicans will keep Biden out of your kitchen.

This week we passed a bill to prevent the administration from banning gas stoves and cooktops or imposing any standards that would make gas stoves unaffordable. Watch my speech in support of the bill here or below.
Southern Rolling Plains Cotton Growers

I'm so grateful to the Southern Rolling Plains Cotton Growers for taking time during a busy cotton season to meet with me and discuss some of the challenges facing their critical industry and their priorities as we craft the next Farm Bill. Agriculture is vital to the future of our country, and these men and women are some of the best among us.

Thank you, Wall, America!
Submitting 2023 Farm Bill Priorities

The 11th District of Texas is one of the most abundant suppliers of agriculture resources in the United States. Farmers and ranchers in our district and across the country deserve a Farm Bill that allows them to keep producing the food and fiber our country needs to survive.

Today I submitted my priorities for the 2023 Farm Bill to the House Committee on Agriculture. The three goals I am prioritizing are:

  • Including Disaster Programs in the 2023 Farm Bill 
  • Increasing the Agriculture Risk Coverage and Price Loss Coverage (ARC/PLC) Reference Prices 
  • Extending the Feral Hog Program and Including Additional Predation Legislation for Wolves and Birds of Prey

I will also be fighting for several other programs and policy reforms to help our agriculture heroes. Read more here.
Eden Town Hall

It was wonderful to host a Town Hall in Eden and award a flag and certificate to Beth Grounds on behalf of the Millersview Veterans Day Program Committee.

The Millersview Veterans Day Program Committee has held a Veterans Day Program every year since 1919 – except for one year when wagons could not travel due to heavy rains. In total, they have held 103. What a wonderful recognition of our Nation's heroes.
New Addition to the Team

Please help me welcome the newest addition to our District team, Dena Perez! Dena is a San Angelo native and a graduate of Angelo State University. She and her husband Joe Perez, a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, are raising their two children in San Angelo.

Dena will be based out of our San Angelo office and primarily focus on Veteran care and assistance. If you know a Veteran who is having trouble receiving their proper benefits or needs help with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), please reach out to my office at Pfluger.House.Gov.
The Joy of Serving Together

I was blessed to have all three of my incredible daughters and several other close family members, including my nephew Johnny, up in Washington, D.C. with me this week. I feel blessed to be supported by an incredible family!
Thank you for reading. It is the honor of my lifetime to serve you in Congress. Please follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for daily updates.
Rep. August Pfluger
Member of Congress