October 15th, 2021

"Build Back Better" Will Demolish Small Businesses

Before COVID hit, we truly had the best economy in generations thanks to pro-growth, Main-Street focused polices put in place by a Republican majority.

Most notably, the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act doubled the standard deduction, lowered taxes for individuals across the board, cut taxes for Main-Street businesses, prioritized rural America, and enacted policies like full expensing that spurred job and wage growth for hardworking Texans. 

And guess what? We became the most competitive economy in the world.

The COVID-19 pandemic poised an unprecedented and unexpected challenge to our economy – many of those in the 11th District of Texas being on the front lines.
Unfortunately, I’m afraid we’ve taken the complete wrong direction in our economic recovery.

The message I’ve received from business owners across the district is that it’s hard, if not impossible, to find workers to hire, input prices for nearly everything is rising due to inflation, and supply chain disruptions are seriously crippling their operations.

With these issues at the forefront, Congress should focus on policies that empower Main Street entrepreneurs and bring down inflation for the American people.

Sadly, Washington Democrats are instead pursuing a partisan tax-and-spend agenda that will be devastating for businesses and result in serious economic consequences for our country.

This week I spent time with small business owners in Llano. These entrepreneurs all told me that they fear higher taxes will make it even harder to stay open.

My number one economic priority is defeating the Biden Reconciliation Bill and championing the pro-growth, America first policies that led to the historic economic boom we experienced under President Trump.

Let’s unleash a new wave of job creation and opportunity that will build on what we achieved prior to the pandemic.  
Odessa Town Hall

We had a great town hall in Odessa on Thursday discussing some our challenges and successes as a Nation.

Although we are facing enormous crises in our economy, on our border and more, I have hope. And that hope lies in the good people who I had the honor of visiting with at the town hall—law enforcement officers, doctors, nurses, oil field workers, and others are on the front lines of this community that fuels America and the world.

I left feeling inspired to look for ways in my own life where I can make more of an impact, and I would like to encourage you to do the same.

Reach out to a friend, neighbor, or veteran to see where you can lend a helping hand. Volunteer at your church or a local spot in your community.

Above all, never forget the blessings we all enjoy as citizens of the USA—the greatest country the world has ever known.
IRS Spying on Our Bank Accounts

This week Speaker Pelosi confirmed that Democrats are moving forward with their plan to give the IRS more power to spy on our finances by tracking every transaction over $600.

This is an unprecedented expansion of government surveillance that will turn our community banks into an arm of the IRS.

If you buy your son or daughter a new computer for college or purchase of a new set of tires for your truck with their radical plan to require banks to report every transaction over $600 to the IRS.

In addition to being a grave invasion of privacy, the IRS boasts a poor record of protecting personal data and have a history of acting as an unfair leftist agency. Using this tool to snoop on law-abiding Americans puts those of us with conservative viewpoints at risk. Not to mention, the agency has had serious issues with the leaking of sensitive financial information.

We should not be forced to trust the IRS with more of our personal financial data. I am proud to support legislation to block this proposed policy and remain committed to holding the line against this radical idea.
Biden Picks Putin over Permian

President Biden hates American energy so much that he is begging our foreign adversaries to produce more oil instead of unleashing producers in the Permian Basin who are more than capable of supplying our Nation with affordable, abundant energy.

Instead of calling Saudi Arabia and Russia to produce more oil, President Biden should get out of the way and allow producers in the Permian Basin and shale patch, who are more than capable, to supply our Nation with the affordable, reliable energy we need to flourish.

This week I sent a letter to President Biden with House Republicans urging him to reverse his disastrous policies like cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline while allowing Nordstream II to be completed; declaring a moratorium on oil and natural gas leases on Federal lands and waters; and changing tax law to harm domestic production.

We must have American energy...now!
Visiting Home Depot

This week I enjoyed a wonderful visit to the Home Depot in Odessa.

They have some awesome employees, but what their leadership told me is that it’s extremely hard to find workers.

In fact, we have over 10.4 MILLION unfilled jobs in this country. Biden’s “Build Back Better” will make sure the staffing shortage rages on. We must champion pro-growth policies.
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Rep. August Pfluger
Member of Congress