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Join PharSafer at the DIA Europe Conference

in Brussels, Belgium!

We are delighted to announce that PharSafer® will be attending the prestigious DIA Europe Conference in Brussels, Belgium, from 12th-14th March, 2024, where our team is excited to contribute to the rich discussions and demonstrate how PharSafer continues to lead and innovate within the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring the safety and efficacy of medicines worldwide.

Renowned for its focus on fostering international collaboration, the DIA Europe Conference is an unparalleled opportunity for professionals to network, learn from the best, and stay ahead of the evolving landscape of drug development and lifecycle management by presenting cutting-edge research and exploring regulatory trends that shape our industry.

Whether you're an existing partner or interested in learning how PharSafer can support your projects, you can find our team at booth #G4, where we will be on hand to discuss your needs, share insights, and explore new opportunities for collaboration.

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Elevate Your Safety Reporting with

R.A.P.T.A.R® This March!

Due to demand, PharSafer® is excited to extend our special offer that brings exceptional value and support directly to both our new and loyal clients!

For a limited period, by using the promo code #RAPTAR2024 when scheduling your introductory call/demo, you will gain access to an exclusive package of complimentary services. These are specifically designed to effortlessly incorporate our cutting-edge automated solutions into your safety protocols. Here’s what’s on offer:

What's Included?

  • Zero-Cost Implementation: Begin your automated journey without any initial financial outlay. We will handle the full setup, ensuring your transition is smooth and seamless.
  • Three Months of Complimentary Service: Delve into the excellence of our industry-leading services with three whole months free of charge. It's the perfect introduction to the positive impact our expertise can have on your safety processes.
  • Complimentary Follow-Up Reports: Benefit from detailed follow-up reports at no extra cost. These reports are crafted to provide deep insights into our collaborative achievements.

Our bespoke solutions, from clinical trial assistance to comprehensive post-marketing surveillance, are engineered to marry automation with pinpoint accuracy. This approach ensures your projects advance with unmatched precision and efficiency.

This offer is reserved for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, so act quickly!

Book your introductory call/demo with the code #RAPTAR2024 and be amongst the select few to enjoy our comprehensive support package.

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Celebrating Innovation with Our New Website!

We are delighted to announce a pivotal moment in PharSafer's journey – the launch of our brand-new website!

Our redesigned platform is a significant leap forward in our mission to provide exceptional service and support within the pharmaceutical sector, crafted with your needs at the forefront and embodying our dedication to innovation and excellence!

With enhanced navigation, advanced functionality, and a trove of services to choose from, we aim to elevate your PharSafer® experience to new heights.

What’s New?

In-depth Service Insights: Dive into the comprehensive range of PharSafer’s services. Our updated content delivers a closer look at how our first-class services can bolster your safety obligations through our expert safety solutions.

Cutting-edge Industry News: Stay ahead of the latest regulatory changes, emerging trends, and critical topics in the pharmaceutical world with our up-to-the-minute industry news and regulatory intelligence updates.

Customized Solutions: Our novel 'shopping list' feature allows for a personalized approach to your service selection. This bespoke tool is designed to meet your specific needs in drug safety, auditing, training, and medical services, covering the entire spectrum from clinical trials to post-marketing surveillance and beyond!

Discover a PharBetter, PharSafer Future Today!

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Graeme Ladds, CEO

With a first degree in Biochemistry and Pharmacology and a PhD focusing on drug metabolism and Pharmacokinetics, Dr. Graeme Ladds has worked in the areas of Drug Safety and Medical services for over 30 years.

Working as a Head of Global Pharmacovigilance for a multi-national innovator Company and EU QP PV for several of the top ten Pharma Companies, large generic and smaller innovative Pharma, Graeme is the CEO and Owner of PharSafer® – a position held for the

last 21 years – and he has taken many products from bench to clinical to post-marketing in many global markets; helping many small start-up Companies (Biotech, Advanced Therapy, Medical Device, Biologic, Generics, Herbal, OTC) in their planning and growth, due-diligence activities for product in-licensing and marketing, and development strategies with partner and distributor Companies.

Graeme has also been involved in many global audits (conducted) and inspections (taken part in) for clients and also database designs and development.

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