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International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 

17 - 21 June 2012
Montr�al, Canada
Booth #2341

IEEE Photonics Conference (IPC)
23 - 27 September 2012
Burlingame, California

22-24 October 2012
Washington, DC
Booth #1264

29 October 2012- 1 November 2012
Orlando, FL
Booth #1313

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Pharad's Quarterly Newsletter                         Volume 2, Issue 3, Summer 2012
Pharad's Quarterly Wrap-up: Visit us at IMS!  
We want to thank everyone who visited us recently at SOFIC 2012 in Tampa, Florida and to extend an invitation to visit us at IMS in Montr�al, Canada, June 17 - 21. We will be presenting the paper "Ka-Band RF Photonic Link with Optimized Performance" in the Microwave Photonic Systems and Techniques session on Thursday, June 21st. Also, we will be available in our booth #2341 in the Exhibit Hall where we will be displaying our latest innovations, including our recently released Peel & Stick antenna technology and our quick disconnect cabling for our wearable antennas.
Pharad Introduces Easy to Use
Peel & Stick Antennas 

Pharad has taken quickly deployable and covert communications to the next level with our series of easy-to-use, commercial-off-the-shelf PeelPeel & Stick Antenna on UAV & Stick Appliqu� antennas. These recently released antennas cover a unique variety of applications due to their flexible form factor and low visibility design; they can be mounted to car windows, UAVs, and even vegetation.  


The Peel & Stick Appliqu� antennas provide a high quality radiating solution, while still being nearly as thin as a piece of paper (less than 10 mils thick). Peel & Stick Antenna on UAVThey are also very lightweight, weighing in at less than 1 oz.  


A durable one-time use pressure

Peel & Stick Antenna on UAV

sensitive adhesive on one side of the radiator allows the Pharad Peel & Stick Appliqu� antenna to adhere to the surface. The application process takes only seconds to complete.  


These antennas are suitable for non-metallic and non-carbon fiber composite surfaces such as those constructed of fiberglass, Kevlar, or polypropylene; materials commonly for small UAVs. Pharad Peel & Stick Antenna on UAVoffers nine models of the ultra-thin antennas which cover the multi-band frequency range of 350 - 6000 MHz.


Octane and Flextenna are registered trademarks of Pharad. All Pharad products are made in the USA.