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1 - 3 October 2013
San Diego, CA

21 - 23 October 2013
Washington, DC
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28 - 31 October 2013
Alexandria, VA

18 - 21 November 2013
San Diego, CA
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11 - 13 March 2014
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20 - 22 May 2014
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1 - 6 June 2014
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Pharad's Quarterly Newsletter                    Volume 3, Issue 3, Fall 2013
Labor Day is now behind us and we are amazed how quickly summer has come and gone.  We have had a busy Summer, introducing several new products, implementing our new GSA schedule updates, and much more. 
We are also proud to have been recently featured as an Air Force Success Story for our innovative work developing conformal antenna technologies for both UAV and vehicle CREW systems.  The sales of these antennas now represent Pharad's fastest growing product line.
We will be very busy this quarter with four exhibitions on our schedule. AVFOP and MILCOM will take us to San Diego, CA while AUSA and MWP will be held in the local Washington, DC area. We  would like to extend an invitation to visit us at these exhibitions where we will be displaying our latest innovations.  Please contact us to set up a meeting or simply stop by our booth.
Other News
LTE Wearable Antenna 
LTE Wearable Antenna 
Antennas for UUVs

The role of unmanned vehicles in both the commercial and military sectors is expanding dramatically.  One class of unmanned vehicle receiving attention recently is Unmanned Underwater Vehicles, or UUVs.  A very important requirement for UUVs is to be able to efficiently extract information/data from the vehicle.  Unlike their flying counterpart UAVs where wireless communication links are relatively straight forward to implement (both terrestrial and SATCOM), UUVs present a more challenging problem since they can only communicate when they surface.  Water can also dramatically impact the link performance.  The antennas used for UUV communications must be able to withstand the pressures encountered below the water surface.  In response to this need, Pharad has created new antennas that survive these typical pressure levels and also provide efficient communication when deployed on a UUV.  We have developed custom Iridium and active GPS UUV antennas that are currently undergoing system testing by a customer.


"It's an extremely challenging problem," said CTO of Pharad, Rod Waterhouse.  "Not only do you need good EM performance, but the antennas must also be able to survive the hostile environment.  Our skilled engineering team came up with a solution that can meet all these requirements.  We look forward to the outcome of the field testing and hope to expand our offering of UUV antennas."
Commercial and Defense Applications of RF Photonics

Dalma Novak, Pharad's VP of Engineering, will be giving an Invited Talk at next month's AVFOP (Avionics, Fiber Optics and Photonics) conference in San Diego, CA discussing commercial and defense applications of RF photonics.   Her presentation will focus on how microwave photonic technologies can provide enhanced capabilities, performance improvements, as well as design flexibility for a variety of RF and microwave systems.  


Dr Novak's AVFOP talk will describe the use of analog fiber optic links in commercial telecommunication networks to provide users with very high bandwidth services.  The high performance signal remoting and distribution capabilities, as well as advanced processing functionalities enabled by photonics, also offer the potential for increased insertion of RF photonic links into military platforms. 


Pharad will also be exhibiting at AVFOP, showcasing our latest developments in high performance microwave photonic technology products.

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