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Pharad's Quarterly Newsletter                   Volume 6, Issue 1, Winter 2016 
As we welcome in the New Year, we would like to extend best wishes to all of our customers and colleagues for a prosperous 2016. Last year was a record one for Pharad with product sales at an all-time high. With that momentum this year is already off to a strong start.

Maintaining our position as one of the top innovators in the industry continues to be a priority for the company. We are the world's largest supplier of wearable antennas and have the most extensive UAV and drone antenna portfolio available. In addition, we continue to be an agile and cost-effective R&D resource for our customers, developing novel technology solutions that meet challenging performance requirements.

We thank you for your continued business and hope to see you at one of our upcoming trade shows or technical conferences. 

Austin Farnham
UAV and Drone Antennas
Peel & Stick Antenna on Vertical Stabilizer

The global UAV and drone industry is experiencing explosive growth. Pharad has developed and manufactures a large range of the most efficient, lightweight antennas specifically for UAV and drone operations. The increasingly complex communication and control requirements of smaller UAVs require better radiating solutions than were previously acceptable. Our peel-and-stick applique antennas offer exceptional electromagnetic performance in a small, lightweight, peel-and-stick form factor. For carbon fiber and metallic UAVs, our lightweight (< 18 grams) blades offer unparalleled link performance. Check out our website for the latest additions to our offerings. 

High Performance Stub Antennas

Stub Antenna

In the first half of 2016 Pharad will be releasing a series of high performance stub antennas. These small, rigid stub antennas provide a watertight radiating solution unmatched by currently available antennas. Pharad will offer stub antennas that operate from 700 MHz through 10 GHz for applications including LTE, cellular, WiFi/WLAN, UWB, as well as L- through C-band networking radios. The Pharad stub antennas are a highly reliable alternative to existing non-weatherproof stub antennas that are prone to failure. Our new stub antennas have been specifically designed to maximize efficiency in the smallest possible volume and are ideal for handheld devices.

New Electro-optic Modulator Bias Controller
USB Controlled Bias Controller

Pharad has introduced a new version of its popular dither-free ultra-compact electro-optic modulator bias controller. The MBC-DF-UC-U-1300 model supports operation in the 1290-1380 nm wavelength range. Similar to the existing MBC-DF-UC-U product which features a wavelength range of 1540 to 1610 nm, the bias controller has PM (polarization maintaining) fiber at the input and SM (single-mode) fiber at the output. The new MBC-DF-UC-U-1300 bias controller has similar capabilities to our other ultra-compact boards: continuous tuning of the modulator bias voltage via USB computer control, excellent stability, and an easy-to-use control interface. The integrated inline power monitors also eliminate the need for user-supplied external optical couplers, greatly simplifying experimental set-ups.

Octane and Flextenna are registered trademarks of Pharad. All Pharad products are made in the USA.