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Pharad's Quarterly Newsletter                    Winter 2012, Volume 2, Issue 1
Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful holiday. I am proud to say that Pharad continues to be one of the top innovators and developers in the industry. Last year, we launched some of the smallest, lightest weight UAV antennas available and introduced a comprehensive RF-over-Fiber product portfolio.

2012 looks set to be an another exciting year at Pharad. Plans are already underway to expand our low profile antenna and RF-over-Fiber product offerings. No less important is our commitment to delivering quality products and services, as Pharad will continue our management to ISO9001:2008 standards.

We thank you for your business and hope to see you at one of our upcoming industry and technical conferences. Contact us to set up a meeting or just stop by our booth or one of our presentations.

Austin Farnham
President, Pharad


Three Classes of UAV Antennas Hit the
Pharad Shelves
Pharad, LLC now offers three classes of UAV antennas. The reduced weight and improved aerodynamics of these antennas improves the range and persistence of lightweight UAVs.

Pharad just released a number of moderate-gain,Low Profile UAV Antenna low-profile UAV antennas operating in the L- and S-bands. These high performing antennas are less than 1.1" in height and provide hemispherical coverage under a UAV, allowing link to be maintained even when the UAV is directly overhead.

Pharad'UAV Antennas UAV blade antennas are the smallest, lightest weight, UAV antennas available, weighing as little as 18 grams! These aerodynamic thin antennas provide broadband performance from UHF to C-band, requiring fewer apertures on a UAV to cover multiple communications links.    
  Applique Antenna

The third class of UAV antennas offered by Pharad is a series of appliqu� antennas that simply adheres to the fuselage and provides a high quality radiating solution. These antennas are nearly as thin as a piece of paper, less than 10 mils thick, and are suitable for UAVs constructed from low loss composites.


Two New Modulator Bias Controllers for RF-over-Fiber Systems
Pharad will be debuting two new modulator bias controllers at OFC/NFOEC which will be held in Los Angeles, CA during March 4-8, 2012. 

Pharad's bias controllers provide precision control of optical modulators. They allow the user to set any DC bias point for the modulator and can now be configured using an ethernet interface. Also, the new bias controllers do not require any user supplied external optical couplers.   

Octane and Flextenna are registered trademarks of Pharad. All Pharad products are made in the USA.