Privately-held early stage Pennsylvania-based therapeutic companies just got a "leg up" for their capital raise with the $50,000 JumpStart Grant. The award:

  • Investor-ready product development plan including detailed GANTT chart with milestones, critical path and itemized budget
  • Investor-ready commercial assessment including situation analysis, market opportunity, high-level commercial timeline and budget.

In partnership with Pennsylvania Bio, PharmaDirections and New Perspectives recently announced the  JumpStart Grant.Two service grants valued at $50,000 each will be awarded


A detailed, comprehensive and well-conceived development plan, including a viable commercial plan, is critical to raising venture rounds and executing efficiently. Category innovation frequently derives from scientists with profound therapeutic or drug discovery expertise; unfortunately, they usually possess less comprehensive development, regulatory, or commercial expertise and don't have the funds to engage large consulting companies to help them. The JumpStart Grant is aimed at filling this void for early-stage companies.


"Early stage companies often lack the expertise to comprehensively address the myriad commercial development challenges in the life sciences marketplace," said Christopher P. Molineaux, President & CEO, Pennsylvania Bio.  "We are fortunate to have partnered with two industry leaders on this unique grant opportunity which gives our members access to development and commercialization insights required for preparation of funding applications and presentations. "


Applications opened this week and are due no later than August 21, 2014.  Winners will be announced in October 2014 at Pennsylvania Bio's Life Sciences Future conference. Interested leadership teams can review application requirements, relevant timelines, and eligibility rules at or


If you are interested in applying for this Grant, please contact Chris Morrison at 919-304-2760 or via email at  


About Pennsylvania Bio

Pennsylvania Bio is the state-wide trade association for the life sciences in Pennsylvania and serves as a catalyst to ensure Pennsylvania is the global leader in the life sciences by creating a cohesive community that unites our biotechnology, medical device, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, research, and financial strengths. 


About PharmaDirections

PharmaDirections, Inc. is a pharmaceutical project management and consulting group focused on CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls), formulation development, preclinical and regulatory affairs. PharmaDirections focuses exclusively on working with virtual pharmaceutical companies who outsource their R&D efforts. We direct virtual contract research using experts in all aspects of drug development who provide both the intellectual oversight and the execution capabilities for any drug development activity.


About New Perspectives

New Perspectives specializes in helping emerging specialty pharma and biotech companies enter the U.S. market to commercialize their assets, whether through a "take-to-market" product launch strategy or a product "license" or acquisition.  We are seasoned veterans of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries who have started and sold our own companies, launched biotech companies, and worked in traditional large and small pharmaceutical/biotech companies.  We provide strategic leadership and operational expertise in the essential building blocks of the U.S. market and new product launches (NCE and 505B2) such as Marketing Strategy, Managed Access and Reimbursement, Commercial Operations, and U.S. Corporate Set-up.  We operate as your contract commercial team until the product development and commercialization risks warrant an internal team.