Pharos Fire Station - Landmark
This is the administrative home-turf of the Titan City Fire Department. The fire station serves the Alexandria District as well as central offices for all of Titan City. Pictured above is the main headquarters building. Pictured below is the layout of the fire station compound.
The fire station includes quarters for the firefighters, garages for the engines, and all the other accouterments of a modern fire station. The main administrative building contains offices for the fire department's top officials, but there are other buildings on site at the complex as well, including the Fire Commission, the Titan City Fire Academy, a crisis coordination center, and a small museum devoted to the history of the Titan City Fire Department, with particular emphasis on the Fire of 1908.
In addition to all of the fire compound buildings, there are two very striking structures notable on the compound - the Fire Fighters Memorial and the Pharos Beacon Tower:
Pharos Beacon Tower
Towering above Pharos Fire Station stands a watch tower with a flame-shaped beacon standing atop the tip of the tower. The tower has an observation deck reachable by stairway and a hatch entrance, or by flight to the deck.
The flame sculpted beacon above it changes color as a weather alert system. On the rare occasions that the beacon is flashing, it is seen by the heroes of the city as a call to arms for some sort of large and dangerous event. When a crisis such as Hurricane Atlas, alien invasion, or a citywide natural disaster strikes, the beacon flashes, alerting emergency personnel, ordinary citizens, and heroes to the danger.
Firefighters Memorial
Completed just after the Lighthouse Station, this memorial bears the names of the members of the Titan City Fire Department (TCFD) that have fallen either in the line of duty or as a result of illness or injury secondary to their performance of that duty.
History of the Fire Station:
After the devastation of the Fire of 1908 and much debate, the newly reorganized Titan City Fire Department elected to build its headquarters in Alexandria, though not in the Library District where the fire was turned back at the Central Library. Instead, it was constructed in the north of the district, in the neighborhood now known as “Pharos.” Construction began in 1915 and was not completed for another five years due to innovations in the design. Most notably, city officials proposed a combination weather/alert beacon to be built into the structure. The fire department ultimately agreed, and the fire station was completed in 1920. Notably, it was the first large city building to be fully wired for electricity. Wisely, the architects included far more space than the 1915 department needed, realizing that the city and thus the department's needs would continue to grow.
Pharos Fire Station main building and the compound of buildings surrounding it has been continuously renovated since that time and still serves the fire department well in crises ranging from super villain attacks to the violence of Hurricane Atlas in 1998.
Pharos Fire Station development

Below are some photos of American fire stations and public art that inspired the development of Pharos Fire Station:
Pharos Fire Station will be a great meeting ground for missions and battles taking place in Alexandria. To see a view of Alexandria from the Pharos Beacon sky landing, Click here: LINK