Fiddler's Sardine Canning Factory
While not an official landmark or mogul building, the Fiddler's Sardine Company canning factory is a set of buildings of interest in the Pharos neighborhood.
Captain Fiddler's company specializes in fish products, but primarily in sardines.
The early 20th century witnessed great emphasis on fisheries in the small coastal areas of Titan City. Fish and fish products became a lucrative business.
Titan City resident and business man, Edwin Fiddler, founded a company which specialized in canned sardines and other fish products. Edwin named the business "Captain Fiddler's", in honor of his grandfather, Zachariah Fiddler, who had been a fisherman his entire life.
During the prohibition era in the 1920's, the "Captain Fiddler's" company built a warehouse in Titan City. The building was big enough to serve for both storage and packing facilities and the business has been in operation for over 60 years.
When Edwin Fiddler passed away in 1986, "Captain Fiddler's and all its assets was sold for a handsome sum of money, to a man named Costanzo Semezin. The warehouse still stands to this day, producing canned sardines and a very small variety of other fish products.
Captain Fiddlers warehouses will be a great meeting ground to explore in the Pharos neighborhood!