This message was received by RIFB and RINLA this afternoon by Ken Ayars, Chief of RI Division of Ag, in regards to the Phase 1 reopening protocols for greenhouses, garden centers and nurseries.


To keep all informed I am passing on information relative to Retail Garden Centers (and all impacted businesses) in relation to the Phase 1 reopening protocols and restrictions announced by the Governor on 5/7.   See also attached. 
All remains in effect in relation to the already issued Retail Garden Center Guidance .  
Additional guidance for re-opening or continued operation of a non-critical retail business on May 9 th  can be found here:  under business guidelines. The following points are referenced from the  Phase I Non Critical Retail Guidance .

  • Additionally, these non-critical retail businesses must complete a COVID-19 Control Plan by May 18th. A template for this is found here: COVID-19 Control Plan: Template. This plan does not need to be submitted, but must be on-site and available for review.

  • Access to interior areas: If a store permits in-person shopping, capacity is limited to 1 customer per 300 square feet of floor area. Very small stores, under 300 square feet of floor area, may only allow one customer at a time in the store. Browsing is encouraged to be brief and limited.

  • Partitions: It is recommended that check-out areas have see-through barriers between employees and customers.
Kenneth D. Ayars, Chief
Division of Agriculture, RIDEM
235 Promenade Street
Providence, RI 02908
Cell (401) 640-4497
Office (401) 222-2781 ext. 4500


If you have any further questions please send them to either of us at:

RIFB: Heidi Quinn at  or call the office at  401-385-3339  

RINLA: Shannon Brawley at  or call the office
at 401-874-5220