From the Desk of Larry Skolnick
CEO/President of the MJCC
Dear MJCC Members:

Thank you all for your cooperation as we began the phased opening of the MJCC. I appreciate your patience during the entry process and your adherence to the policies and protocol that we have in place. As many of you are aware, the City of Memphis began Phase 2 of the City’s back to business plan on Monday, and this affords the MJCC the opportunity to expand its phasing of services. As such, beginning this coming Sunday, May 24th, we are happy to be able to phase back in the following services:

  • The gymnasium will be open for casual member use only and the hours and time slots available will fluctuate throughout the summer as we phase in our modified summer camp program. A full listing of available gym hours will be available on the MJCC website. We will be allowing a maximum of 6 people on each side of the gym during designated time slots. We will have times available for both basketball and pickle ball. The MJCC cannot provide any equipment for use in the gym so you must bring your own basketballs and pickle ball equipment (other than basketball and pickle ball nets). You will need to pre-register and reserve your time slot for casual use of the gym and we will be offering 45 minute sessions just as we are in the fitness center. We are requiring members to maintain social distancing of 6 feet at all times in the gym and thus organized games of basketball will not be allowed and pickle ball will be singles matches only.
  • The racquetball courts will also be open and available for pre-registered users during the same hours as the fitness center and with the same 45 minute slots available. The MJCC will not be providing any racquetball equipment or balls so you must bring your own with you. In addition, based on guidelines from the Health Department, we will only be allowing singles play until further notice.
  • The MJCC fields will be open for casual member use as well and there will be no organized league play or programming. The fields will be available on a first-come basis and the MJCC will not be providing any sports equipment. We require that anyone wishing to take advantage of the use of the MJCC fields maintain 6 feet of social distancing at all times. Please note that once camp begins the fields will be available during non-camp hours only.

The protocol and procedures previously communicated regarding the fitness center and fitness classes will stay in effect. The locker rooms will remain closed at this time and we will not be providing babysitting services for fitness center/class users. Though the Shelby County Health Department has put out a health directive with guidelines for pools, the City of Memphis has not yet adopted these guidelines and thus the pools will remain closed for the time being. We hope to have more information on aquatics in the coming week.

WE PREVIOUSLY COMMUNICATED TO YOU THAT WE ENCOURAGE ALL MEMBERS TO WEAR MASKS OTHER THAN DURING WORKOUTS AT THE MJCC. EFFECTIVE SUNDAY, MAY 24TH, EVERYONE WILL BE REQUIRED TO WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES WHILE ON THE MJCC CAMPUS EXCEPT WHEN WORKING OUT, PARTICIPATING IN FITNESS CLASSES OR ENGAGED IN PHYSICAL ACTIVITY IN THE GYMNASIUM, ON THE RACQUETBALL COURTS, ON THE TENNIS COURTS OR ON THE MJCC FIELDS . This means that you must put on a mask before exiting your vehicle and that masks must remain on at all times until you reach your destination within the MJCC or on the campus and have begun the activity for which you signed up. As soon as you are done participating in that activity you must immediately place your mask back on. Please note that nobody will be allowed to enter the MJCC without a mask beginning this coming Sunday. I want to remind you that certain areas of the MJCC are closed and certain pieces of equipment in the fitness center are closed/taped off. We appreciate your adherence to not attempting to enter closed areas or use equipment that has been designated as unavailable. Anyone who does not adhere to this will be asked to leave the MJCC as we are committed to best practices in the interest of public health and respecting closed areas/equipment not available is imperative.

The MJCC will continue to take temperatures and do a brief verbal health screening before anyone is allowed to enter the building. Upon entering everyone is required to use the hand sanitizer located at the Member Services Desk prior to entry beyond that area. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times for all program areas/services operated at the MJCC until further notice.

Beginning this Friday morning, May 22nd, our online reservation system will include links to sign up for gymnasium and racquetball court use in addition to the existing links for fitness center and fitness class participation. The reservation links can be found here: . In addition, you may call the MJCC at 761-0810 to make your reservations via phone. Reservations can be made by phone Sunday-Thursday from 8:00 am-5:00 pm and on Fridays from 8:00 am-4:00 pm. The online reservation system can be accessed at any time. As with our prior reservation protocol, you may make reservations for the upcoming week beginning the Friday morning of the preceding week starting at 8:00 am online or via telephone.

The MJCC still intends to restart early childhood services beginning Monday, June 1, and any specific communication regarding this will be sent directly to our ECC families by Lindsey Chase in the coming week.

Also, please remember that a vital part of the MJCC’s services is the Wendy and Avron B. Fogelman Jewish Family Service . If you or anyone whom you know is in need of any social services please contact the FJFS team of professions by calling 767-8511. We are here and ready to help you in any way that we can.

Once again I would like to thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we continue the reopening process of MJCC services. I appreciate your commitment to and support of the MJCC. If you have any questions about the contents of this email please feel free to direct those to Mike McGee, our Member Services Director, at .

It has been nice seeing so many of you back at the MJCC and the staff and I look forward to the coming weeks.

Stay safe and healthy!

Larry Skolnick