June 15, 2021

Dear Member,

Our patience and diligence is beginning to pay off we head into Phase-2 of the Nova Scotia Reopening Plan, beginning tomorrow, June 16th until at least June 30th.

Permitted in Phase-2

Participants in organized equestrian activity can practice and train with consistent groups up to 10 people indoors and up to 25 people outdoors without physical distancing. This number must include coaches and support personnel. Permitted are:

  • Lessons/Training;
  • Rookie Riders/P'tit Trot/Learn to Ride/Drive Programs;
  • Clinics - should be with a consistent training group or in "barn bubbles", scheduled to avoid cross-regional interaction;
  • Day camps may be offered under the Sport guidelines or Day Camp guidelines - please refer to the Reopening Plan for details;

The reopening plan states that "Spectators are permitted (indoor and outdoor) at events hosted by an Organized clubs/facilities that have an Event Plan. Spectator limits are 25% of the venue’s capacity up to 50 people indoors and up to 75 people outdoors and need to follow social distancing guidelines."

This refers to "events" that under a normal, non-Covid environment, would have spectators. If you are holding an event that usually has spectators, you are required to update your Covid-19 Event Plan to include how you will manage spectators under Phase-2 guidelines, specifically addressing the physical distancing rules.

Atlantic Bubble
Nova Scotia will open its border to Atlantic Canadians on June 23rd.

Stay Informed
The spirit and intent of these guidelines are to minimize pro-longed contact and mitigate the spread of covid-19 and its variants. Please stay up-to-date on provincial announcements as they may change with little notice.

As always, if you require further details or clarification on the information found in today's email, please contact Heather with your phone number and question.
Phase 2 Reopening Provides
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