Dear Business Owner

Update on" Cocktails to Go Legislation"

The bill adopted by Illinois Generally Assembly that allows restaurants and bars to sell "cocktails to go" via delivery or carry out has now been signed into law and became effective immediately. A copy of the legislation is available Here. There are a number of restrictions on the carry out and delivery of cocktails. Here are a few you should be aware of:
  • Required that tamper-evidence and sealed containers must be used
  • Cocktails Must be placed in the trunk or rear area of vehicle for transport
  • the container must be labeled as required by law, and
  • cocktails can only be delivered by an employee of the establishment, and not a third-party service
  • This law is temporary in nature, and expires one year from the effective date.
  • The Illinois Liquor Control Commission most recent guidance is available at FAQ. Expect further guidance on this issue soon.

Phase III ...Reopening for some; for others, it's not an option

Friday May 29th ushered in the beginning of Phase 3 of Restore Illinois. Restore Illinois is the plan to reopen the state safely following the Executive Order to Stay at Home in response to the corona virus COVID-19.  Locally restaurants and bars are able to serve customers in their outdoor seating spaces. Many businesses have been able to adapt and respond to the changing mandates legislatively, changing practices of public safety and changing expectations from consumers. Reopening day has been anticipated for weeks. The prospects of restarting even on a limited basis have begun to breathe some much needed life into many main street businesses. For others they are forced to confront the reality that reopening is not an option. How do you manage the process of closing the business permanently. Time to Close in depth


For the last 10 weeks, we have been dealing with a public health crisis that has slowly grown bigger in our community. During this entire time, we have been focused upon keeping our community, our neighbors, our citizens, our family, and ourselves safe. Your resilience and adaptability to this ever-changing situation has been admirable. We have changed business practices in a matter of weeks with an eye towards keeping people safe and sound. In many ways, dealing with this public health crisis has required that the City treat everyone equally – limiting people in City buildings, wearing a mask, asking everyone to take the precautions to keep themselves and others safe.

Over the last few days, the nation and Peoria have been gripped with another crisis, the reaction to the treatment of African-Americans by law enforcement, and the larger, underlying issue of race relations in America. We have seen peaceful protests organized by young leaders of our community, and we have seen violent and lawless action that threaten the safety of our community. This problem is far different than the public health crisis. The history and circumstances around these inequities require a different approach. How we can work to assure that people of color in our community have access to resources and opportunities is critical to the City’s future. Building a more equitable Peoria will take longer than changing our business practices because of a public health crisis, and will not be easy. But, just like the COVID-19 Pandemic led us to adapt, we can certainly adapt for more equitable practices going forward.

This notice (BCC19-15) is our fifteen , and many more will follow to inform you of resources available through the City, County, State, Federal Agencies, and other partners. So please share this with other businesses that would benefit. Our next notice (BCC19.16) will focus on Peoria Stabilization funding for local area businesses.

We encourage all to comply with the stay at home order and practice social distancing.


Kevin S Evans
Kevin S. Evans
Senior Economic Engagement Specialist