Dear LSF Members,

We hope that you are all enjoying this beautiful beginning of summer even though much of what we are used to is very different! We want to share with you some information about what is available to our members during Phase 3 and what we currently know or expect for Phase 4 of the city’s plan for reopening (caution: this may all change as we get official updates). Please make sure you read this email — and coming emails — thoroughly as it includes a lot of important information pertaining to your membership.
Phase 3 General Update
All members of either club are able to use both Lakeshore clubs in June with no incremental dues. This should help offset some of the costs we are forced to pass through during Phase 3 related to C20 trainers and outdoor classes.

  • Parking at Illinois Center is now free for 2 hours per visit.
  • Illinois Center offers a great rooftop pool and the tallest indoor climbing wall in North America – both of which are available to Lincoln Park members during this time. Reservations for both are available on the MyLSF app (Apple, Android).
  • We are not allowing guests at this time, but we are offering weekly memberships for $40 per week, until we enter Phase 4. Please contact with any inquiries. 
  • During Phase 3, we are limited to indoor one-on-one training and outdoor group classes. Locker rooms and other amenities are not allowed to be open.
Phase 3: Fitness Classes
LSF LP Outdoor Studio
  • We have a robust schedule of outdoor classes, including cycling, HIIT and mind-body offerings. Please check out the schedule and make your reservations on the MyLSF app.
  • At Lincoln Park, we are offering kids classes to coincide with many of the adult classes; while we are not able to provide childcare during Phase 3, this gives your kids an opportunity to get some exercise and be supervised while you do your workout.
  • At Lincoln Park, we just completed a new space under the overhang at street level to provide an outdoor studio that is sheltered from the elements.
Phase 3: Dining & Relaxing
  • Harvest, the rooftop restaurant at Lincoln Park, is available for members and their invited guests only during this time. Reservations may be made on the MyLSF app.
  • Chaise lounges and cabanas are also now available for reservation on the MyLSF app.
Phase 3: Other Programming & Options
  • Summer camps are underway at Lincoln Park! For more information, please contact
  • Climbing on the tallest indoor wall in North America at Illinois Center is available Tuesdays & Fridays 4-7pm, and Sundays 11am-2pm. Please contact for more information and reservations.
  • Rooftop pools may be reserved for 30 minutes at a time. Please note: Lincoln Park members may also reserve the Illinois Center pool (free parking and with little traffic, not that long of a drive from Lincoln Park these days!)
  • Rooftop tennis courts, basketball court, and paddle tennis courts at Lincoln Park are all available to book, contact for more information.
  • Squash lessons are available: please contact
  • Tennis private (indoors and outdoors) and group (outdoors only) lessons are available: please contact
  • Private kids basketball and swim lessons (swim team level only) are available: please contact
  • C20 training sessions are available to comply with city rules which only allow for one-on-one indoor training. Your C20 trainer will ensure you are properly sanitizing equipment and maintaining physical distance from others working out. Other than that, they will be unobtrusive. This service costs $15 per hour, which is actually below what it costs us to offer it. With a C20 trainer, you can shoot baskets, swim laps, lift weights, use cardio equipment or any other equipment in the clubs. You may make reservations for C20 trainers on the MyLSF app.
Summer's NOT Canceled!
Just because we have limitations on what we are allowed to do doesn’t mean we can’t have fun this summer! We just have to do it a little differently — like we did our recent wine tasting or farmers markets. 

Shortly, we will publish our schedule of fun activities for adults and kids alike – look forward to a bicycle parade and festival for July 4th, wine tastings, bags tournaments, live music rooftop events and much, much more!

This weekend at our Lincoln Park location, we are offering a Socially Distant Street Festival, including a farmer’s market, a beer garden with chef John grilling out, and kids obstacle course. Registration is $5 and you must choose a specific entry time slot.  More information can be found here and registration can be completed ahead of time here. Stay tuned for more information on other fun summer events!
Phase 4 – Coming Soon!
We are not entirely clear on when Phase 4 will start (anticipating July 1st) nor what exactly we will be allowed to do. That said, we know that the number one concern for city officials is making sure there is adequate space between people working out. We are fortunate that our facilities are huge and allow plenty of cubic footage for people to enjoy and not feel crowded: space is the new safe!
Space is the New Safe - LP
Space is the New Safe - IC
We believe that in Phase 4, members will be allowed to work out on their own, subject to social distancing, and most areas of the club indoors will be allowed to be open with the exception of steam and sauna amenities. As we have more details on what is allowed and new details on how we will be ensuring your safety (beyond all the information already shared about new sanitizing protocols, masks for all, one-way traffic patterns, spacing out of equipment, exercise pods, etc.) we will be sure to share it.
Resuming Membership
As we enter Phase 4, we will be returning to normal dues payments. We recognize that many of our members have had life changes during the past three months and may need to make changes to their accounts. As a result, we will NOT be charging anyone on the 1st of the month. Instead, we will provide an online form to members to make adjustments to accounts such as downgrades, holds, or cancellations. Any requests for account changes during the time that we have been closed or partially reopened are not able to be processed — any account changes will need to be submitted through this new form during the time frame that we outline. 

Please do NOT email us now for this form or ask questions about changing your membership — we simply aren’t ready. We expect to email out this form on July 1st, and you will have about a week to complete it, so that we can have time to process membership changes and resume normal billing by the 15th. This process may be tweaked a bit as we determine how we can best operationalize this work, but we will still give you plenty of time to make changes.  Please make sure you are reading our emails as it is simply not possible to handle the volume of work that we anticipate via phone calls or individual responses to emails.

We will also be processing credits for programs that were prepaid but did not run. These will be handled individually and will take a bit of time to resolve as our team ramps back up. Kindly wait until you are contacted with information about your credits. 
We hope that the above information is helpful in navigating your return to the club. We will continue to communicate information to you via email and on our website at as we learn more and further develop our phased reopening plan under the direction and guidance of our local officials.

In Good Health,

The Lakeshore Sport & Fitness Team