Working Together to Grow a Vibrant Economy
Buxton Presentation
A new PCDC service will help local business owners capture some of the $14 million in retail spending that leaves Phelps County each year.
Buxton Psychographic Profiles

What kind of people live in Phelps County? If you live here, these statistics may not surprise you.
True Grit Americans Describe Large Portion of Phelps County Residents
Ron Tillery and Rick Nelson at IPPE, Atlanta, GA

A recent trip to a world expo in Atlanta gave PCDC a chance to connect with leaders in ag-related companies. Find out why this trip was important to the future of Phelps County.
Washington Square Apartments, Holdrege, NE

Construction is on schedule for a new housing development in Holdrege, and rental applications are already being accepted.
June Completion Date Expected for Washington Square Apartments
UNL Chancellor Ronnie Green

PCDC has an exciting community event planned for this year's annual meeting, including a dynamic speaker that you won't want to miss!

UNL Chancellor Ronnie Green Will Speak at PCDC Annual Meeting 
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