September 2019
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Elevate Your Gratitude
Gratitude in Skydiving
Let me tell you what I did for my birthday--- I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, why? Because I wanted to! Now, keep in mind, when I first added this to my bucket list I had no clue how I'd do this. I mean at that time in my life I was tipping the scales at a Big and Beautiful 320 pounds. That weight didn't stop me from pursuing the goal though. Several years down the line and over 100 pounds lighter, not only did I meet the weight requirement to jump out a plane I really did that shit!

So now that you know some of what lead me to jump here is the first lesson I learned:

1. Anything you're really passionate about doing may initially scare the shit out of you but so what---do it anyway!

2. You can literally get through every single situation life throws your way if you simply breathe.

3. Your mindset determines the outcome of everything in your life! Whether you think you are beaten or not you are right!

4. Mastering the role your emotions play in your decision making will make incredibly tough situations very clear to maneuver successfully on your behalf and all who encounter you. Inner calm makes everything better.

5. When opportunity knocks and it's time to jump out on faith---don't delay, go all in and enjoy the ride.

6. In life what goes up must come down and there is a distinct beauty in every level. My view getting into the airplane and going into the sky, was different than when I first jumped out into nothing but clouds (which was freaken exhilarating). Then I dropped to a lower level and was able to see the land and water far beneath me (which was awesome and breathtaking). Finally I saw the view of the sweet security of the ground quickly approaching my butt as I prepared to slide into the comfort of earth. I got a paradigm shift: there is utter beauty and brilliance in all levels of life because each holds it's on set of unique treasures and learning curves!

All in all, the experience of free falling and being weightless while zooming though the atmosphere like a superhero was...well.. PHENOMENAL!! However, I'll forever be in gratitude for the lessons on life I got from jumping out of a perfectly good airplane because I wanted to!

Yours in Gratitude,

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