2/2/2018: Phil Says...6 More Weeks of Winter!
Happy Groundhog Day
It appears the cold winter months will be hanging in a little longer this year. Make sure your diesel engine is ready to tackle the rest of these cold weeks ahead of us with the Max-Flow Fuel Heater Kit or FASS Fuel Heater Kit!
 Stop in, call us, or visit us online to get your engine ready for these final harsh winter temperatures!
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Flow-Max Fuel Heater Kit

This fuel heater kit is a must have for those in cold climates and is designed for AirDog fuel systems. The self regulating 320 watt heater has over three times the amount of heating power of other single systems. Each kit includes heating element and wiring harness with sealed connectors for an easy install. 

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FASS Fuel Heater Kit

Our Titanium Series Electric Heater kits are an upgrade for FASS Systems being used in extremely cold climates. Each FASS Titanium Series pump has 2 ports for electric heaters which help aid in cold weather starts and keep fuel from gelling while driving during extremely cold temperatures.

Don't forget to get your Stanadyne Performance Formula Fuel Additive. Currently, if you buy now 5 pints, you'll get 1 FREE! That's only $5.61 a bottle!!
Note: When the temperature is in the teens, use at double strength.

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