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Please join in the fun! Wednesday, October 5
5:00pm to 7:00pm
The Ritz-Carlton
10 Ave of the Arts

Added bonus:  
Meet Irene Baker, author of "100 Things To Do In Philadelphia Before You Die," and discover more ways you can enjoy our city.

Enjoy the 40th Annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Contemporary Craft Show with your TTN friends and get discounted general admission. 

Friday, November 11
11am -2pm

Here's the catch!  You need to register by 10/17 to get the Discount.

Take action now and Register Here.

 What are the key factors predicting "successful" or "productive" aging? 

Resilience? Managing life challenges? Social support? Emotional well-being? Optimism? Coping? Spirituality?

Come here UPenn's Dr. Zvi Gellis provide his unique insights in a learning and interactive session for TTN.

Friday October 21
3:30PM - 5:30PM
Univ. of PA

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October 2016
As the weather starts to cool down, our TTN activities and events are picking up! 

I recently attended a few events with wonderful groups of TTN members and guests. The  experiences I had, w hether it was  with the Foodie Group at  Pod or modern art at the West Collections, were unsurpassed. In all cases, TTN members were energetic, positive and highly connected with one another. 

I look forward to seeing many of you on November 9th for our first-ever "General Membership Meeting"  to share our experiences, contributions and new initiatives, and to connect with each other.  Spread the news and encourage your TTN friends to attend with you.  This is not just a meeting, but a celebration!  We're expecting a strong turnout!

I am happy to announce a new Steering Committee member, Susan Vineberg, as the Vice Chair for the Giving Circle Committee. We welcome Susan and look forward to a successful tenure.  Please read more in the news below.

Lastly, we ask for your participation in the upcoming "Member Survey" you will receive in your e-mail next week. Your opinion and input are very important to us, as we engage with you to build a strong, vibrant Chapter.

I encourage you to take a look at the programs and events we have planned for the upcoming weeks.

Warm regards,
TTN PHL Chapter Chair                                
PHL TTN First General Membership Meeting Nov. 9th
Don't miss TTN Philadelphia's first-ever General Membership Meeting.   Register for this event now and let your friends know you're booked on Wednesday November 9, from 6pm  to 8pm at The Philadelphian. 

TTN Philadelphia is one of the fastest-growing chapters in TTN. What's our secret? All of our wonderful members! Let's raise a glass and celebrate!

So many reasons to attend.....
* See how our PHL Chapter works.  Meet the Steering Committee members and recognize the many volunteers and members who make our chapter so successful. 
* See how our PHL Chapter plays. Enjoy socializing with good friends, good food, good drinks and a very funny, original presentation.

* Find out  who we are and what keeps us engaged in TTN, as the Membership Survey results are revealed.

* Meet new members and connect with current TTN friends.

* Learn about new programs being introduced.

Bring your TTN friends (how about your entire Peer Group or your SIG??!)  Don't be late: you won't want to miss a thing!

Click here  for more information and to register.  

Please note:  This event is for Members Only. Join Now!
Look What The Caring Collaborative Is Up To Now 

The Caring Collaborative Committee is thrilled to announce an exciting new project.   Beginning this Fall, we are launching "Resource Groups" .  These small, informal groups will provide a monthly forum for women with similar health concerns or conditions to share resources and support one another. Our mission is to provide Caring Collaborative members the opportunity to focus on their specific health interest in a confidential and intimate setting. 

We've already received interest for potential Resource Groups such as:
  • Breast Cancer
  • Heart Health
  • MS, Health
  • Wellness (ie., Nutrition, Mindfulness, Eastern Medicine)
  • Care Givers
We are currently in the process of forming a Fibromyalgia Resource Group.

If you'd like to join any of these groups or suggest a new Resource Group, please contact Cindy Benamy, Resource Groups Coordinator, at .  

In order to participate in any of the Resource Groups, you must be a member of The Caring Collaborative, which is open to all TTN members.  Click this LINK to learn more or email for questions you need answered.

Please note:   The next required Caring Collaborative Orientation for new members will be on Oct. 27th at 7pm in Center City.   

Giving Circle & Volunteer Opps New Website Pages
Back in June, our PHL TTN Chapter announced a restructuring of the Community Impact Committee into two entities to support the expanded scope of our community involvement:
We now have separate webpages for each committee (click on the blue links above) and invite you to explore the new content.  
News from The Giving Circle (GC): 
  • The GC welcomes Susan Vineberg as our new Co-Chair.  Susan has been a valuable member of both the Grants Committee and Giving Circle Executive Council.  Along with Mary Klein, Susan will lead us in our 5th year of giving together.  
  • Our goal this year is to expand the number of TTN members involved and increase our 2017 grant amount from $10,000 to $15,000.
  • Attend our 2016 Grantee New Leash on Life program and dinner on the Main Line on October 18th
  • Volunteer and meet the New Leash on Life / Second Chance program dog graduates on Oct. 22nd.
  • Attend our Giving Circle informational meeting on our grant-making process on Monday November 14th.
  • Read the recap on GC's recently concluded 2015 grant to Penn's Village/Health Pals
  • If you would like more information or want to join in our efforts to improve the lives of women and children in the greater Philadelphia area, contact Susan Vineberg.   
News from Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Try Googling "benefits of volunteering for older adults" and you'll get over 500,000 results. A growing body of research points to the social, emotional and health benefits of volunteering.  
  • TTN PHL has a number of vetted "group volunteer" opportunities where we've partnered with local organizations such as Manna, Ronald McDonald House, Career Wardrobe and Cradles to Crayons.
  • We can pair you up with TTN members who are engaged in satisfying volunteer experiences and are open to helping you explore volunteer options. 
  • TTN PHL will also post volunteer activities such as "Rebuilding Together Philadelphia" in the In and Around Town section of our website.   
  • Questions?  email Moya Kinnealey.
Leadership Opportunities Within Our Chapter
Are you interested in getting more involved in TTN in a different way? If so, there are many formal and informal leadership roles just waiting for someone like you! 

Why would we even suggest that you become more involved? Well, it's like this --- those of us who are involved feel more engaged and invigorated, being a part of something bigger than ourselves as well as feeling energized by giving to others.

Informal leadership options include participating on or leading special committees, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), or discussion groups around a variety of topics.

Formally, there are opportunities to assume a role on the TTN Steering Committee or one of its Committees. Taking on a leadership role within TTN enables you to participate in shaping TTN's future, as well as making new connections with a terrific group of women!

To learn more, please email Chrissa Merron or Jane Siegel.
SIG Corner:  A Perfect Way to Explore New Interests
Summer's over and the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are back in full swing. We may have paused as we visited the shore, foreign countries, and friends, but now things are picking up again. 

Look for notices from your SIG leads for details. And if you are not currently in a SIG - won't you consider joining one? Just check the TTN webpage for details and contact the SIG lead who will get you started. 

Wine lovers and anyone interested in drinking in new knowledge about wine will want to check out Oenophiles Unite!, our newest SIG forming now.  
In an effort to keep over 30 SIGs running well and to support our leads, we have formed a SIG Oversight Committee. The committee is made up of current SIG leads and meets monthly to discuss SIG activities: what's working, what isn't and what we can do to help and support the SIG leads. The Committee members are Joanne Bowles, Ronnie Green, Karen Kanter, Gail Ober and Cate Silver. Thanks to these ladies for their volunteer efforts!

Contact PHL SIG Chair,  Alice Milrod, to recommend new SIGs and ask questions.   
Caring Collaborative Speaker Series Success
The TTN Caring Collaborative presented our inaugural Speaker Series focusing on health and wellness for women over 50 on September 15th at the home of Susan Levin.

Our first presentation, "Acupuncture - What's in it for you?" was a wonderful success.  Our speaker, Dr. Lynnae Schwartz, is trained as a pediatrician and has been practicing acupuncture full time since 2013.  Lynnae spoke about the many life transitions that led her to the practice of acupuncture. She also presented the role of acupuncture in prevention and treatment of medical and psychological conditions from the unique perspective of a seasoned practitioner from both worlds. There was ample opportunity to separate fact from myth, with multiple questions from the attendees.

Also speaking was Brenda Levin who works with Dr. Schwartz as an acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine practitioner.

We look forward to our future events! Stay tuned and check the TTN Events Calendar for our next speaker in the series!
Foodie Events Delight the Senses!

One of our Chapter's best kept secrets is spending an evening with the Foodie Group.  The POD Foodie Group outing in early September was spectacular on many levels......not only terrific food, but wonderful women and interesting conversations.

Here are a few comments from our members:
  • "Dinner at Pod last night was SO good. I loved eating in the Pod that changed colors, the people and the conversation.  Lorraine Gordon and Adrianne Derenzo did a superb job on ordering as one dish was better than the next!  I can't wait till the next Foodie Group event."
  • "This event ranks as one of the top restaurant events that we ever had."
  • "I rank it as one of the best:  the conversations were terrific and the food and service were sensational."
  • "I can't believe how wonderful this dinner is...."
  • "When the desserts were presented, our guests were awed and delighted.  It was truly the "piece de resistance."
The TTN Foodie Group has a special knack for picking the top restaurants and working with talented chefs to make the entire experience memorable.

Next time you're looking to spend a wonderful evening with great women and outstanding food, join the Foodie Group!

The next Foodie Group event is at Marrakesh, an exotic Moroccan restaurant, on Tuesday, October 25th.  We hope to see you there!

Contact Lorraine Gordon with recommendations, questions.