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December 2016

Holiday greetings and best wishes for a happy season! 

As we approach the close of 2016, we have exciting events and news to share. The TTN Website 2.0 upgrade is "live" with many new features to enhance our members' experience, including using your e-mail account to sign in, managing your events sign-up and purchases using your shopping cart and more features we can't wait for you to try. Please sign in and experience the benefits of our new website.

Many members attended The Philadelphia Chapter Member Celebration meeting held November 9, 2016. Your Steering Committee members were joined by The Transition Network Executive Director, Susan Collins, in introducing the amazing women who volunteer their time and talent to help our members thrive. We ended the night with delicious appetizers and wine along great conversations. To all who attended, we hope you had a wonderful time and a bit more information about what the Philadelphia Chapter has to offer. If you missed the meeting, we hope to see you at other events.

Best wishes for wonderful holidays and Happy New Year!

Warm regards,
TTN PHL Chapter Chair                                
First Annual TTN PHL Membership Celebration Huge Success

Did you know that almost 70% of our members in the Philadelphia Chapter of TTN have an advanced degree?   That we have over 300 grandchildren?  That 95% of us traveled to another state in 2016 and 70% traveled to another country?

These facts and others from the Member Survey were shared at the First Annual Member Celebration of the Philadelphia Chapter held on November 9th.  A larger than expected crowd showed up to join in the festivities.  

The event began with a check-in process, and then members were directed to a table filled with multi-colored dots. Each dot represented participation in a different TTN activity. Attendees decorated their name tags and then took their seats proudly sporting the now-colorful tags showing their participation. It takes a village!

The formal part of the evening's meeting was called to order by Fatima Class, our Chapter Chair. Then, Deb Spungen, with her delightful sense of humor, presented the results of the survey to much laughter.  A hard act to follow, but one by one, members of the Steering Committee introduced themselves and briefly described the program they chair. Chapter members were kept busy getting up and down as they were asked by each chair to stand when a group they belonged to or an event they attended was mentioned. Volunteers were also recognized and asked to stand. We were honored to have Susan Collins, TTN's National Executive Director, wrap-up the program with praise for our Philadelphia Chapter and the eagerly awaited words, "Let's eat."

Wait staff circulated with hot hors d'oevres and the bartender was kept busy as the remainder of the evening was spent socializing with friends. Members, new and old, came away enthused about what the Philadelphia chapter offers its members..

A great new TTN event, which we hope to continue in the years to come!
When You Hear Laughter, Move Towards It
Sometimes you get an email that describes something that is pure joy. How else does one respond to our very own TTN Philadelphia stand-up comedian, Deb Spungen, who was the opener for our first General Membership meeting and celebration.

Here's what Deb had to say about this experience. "I had such a good time-it made me happy to see so many people laugh.  I felt powerful in a positive way, sort of "high".  It was such a down day, the day after elections, and it was raining and dreary and people were ready to laugh with me. What fun that was.  I don't know where the "funny" came from, it just burbled up!"

Read more on "The Health Benefits of Humor and Laughter", and remember to hold your dear ones close and move towards the laughter.  
Caring Collaborative Speaker Series: Essential Oils

For our second Speaker Series program on January 9th, Caring Collaborative (CC) has selected one of our members' suggestions for a program about the benefits of essential oils.  Our speaker is Krishnamayi (Marzena Krysiak), who recently moved to Philadelphia.  She and her husband spent many years in Europe working to educate others about the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of natural remedies and enhanced well-being.

Krishnamayi will start with a discussion of what essential oils are, why they are so effective and how to used them safely to get the most benefit.  Then she will focus on how essential oils can aid better sleep, skin care and bone health.  Samples of oils will be passed to attendees so they can sniff and dab as they listen.  After the program, Krishnamayi will be available to answer questions.  

Click here for more information and to register.  Seating is limited to 20 people, so sign up early to insure your place. You do not need to be a member of the Caring Collaborative to attend this session.
"Think Tank" for SIG Leads and More SIG News
Alice Milrod, Chair 

Each of our SIGs depends on the volunteerism of our members. For each SIG, a member agrees to be the SIG Lead: managing communication, meeting administration and other tasks. We are very thankful for these volunteers because without SIG Leads, there would be no SIGs!

On a yearly basis, a Think Tank is held for the TTN SIG leads.  In general, a Think Tank is a group of people who work together to produce new ideas on a particular subject.  For us, this is an opportunity for the PHL SIG Leads to get together and discuss common matters: what's working; what's not working, what they need help with, etc. We also share best practices. It's always a lively exchange of information and generates lots of good ideas.

This year, the program's focus was the review of a Job Description for SIG Leads. This is a brief guideline to help these volunteers learn what they should be doing to execute their role. It is our goal to make it easy to say yes to taking on this responsibility. Knowing what's expected is seen by all as a good first step.

Alice Milrod is also pleased to announce that Joanne Bowes has been named Vice Chair, Special Interest Groups, PHL Chapter. Joanne will work closely with Alice and will eventually take over as Chair.

In other SIG news, we will be restarting the Montgomery County Potluck, known as the Montco Munchers. If you live in Montgomery County and would like to see TTN activities closer to home, consider joining this group. Please contact the SIG lead, Carol Seelaus ( if interested. The group meets the first Monday of the month at 6 pm, but this could be changed if the group members prefer a different day.

If you have ideas for new SIGs or have questions/ suggestions, please contact Alice Milrod.

Here is the link to the PHL SIG Webpage.