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March 10 Noon

 TTN TALKS for New and Prospective Members:

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We are gathering a list of venues throughout the Delaware Valley to be used for our various events and meetings.  

Does your building, workplace, school, church/temple, library have a meeting or community room for a modest or no cost?  We'd like to know.

Please email your suggestions (and details -location, size, cost, other requirements for use, contact) to our Chapter's Email address

Thanks for helping to bring even more events to you!
Looking for a way to get more involved in TTN?

  The Membership Committee needs administrative and other volunteers to help launch a new program! 

 If you are interested or have questions, contact Donna Root, Membership Chair.

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TTN provides a limited amount of aid to assist in the payment of  membership dues for those in challenging situations. 

Contact Susan Collins, Executive Director, about possible financial assistance.   

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MARCH 2017
Greetings Philadelphia Chapter Members and Friends,

The exceptionally warm weather we are having along with the arrival of the Philadelphia Flower Show marks the start of our Spring season too. We have so many upcoming events and activities to engage our members and guests!

Our Steering Committee continues to evolve and grow to meet the needs and interests of our Chapter and the women who lead our committees. In the past few months, three committee chairs passed the baton to new leadership:
* Membership: From Margie Cole to Donna Root
* Peer Groups: From Joan Applegate to Marcia Goldstein
* Giving Circle: From Mary Klein to Susan Vineberg

We have also been privileged to welcome two new Vice Chairs: Joanne Bowes (SIGs) and Marion Blow (Events).

Please join me in wishing Margie, Joan and Mary all the best; thanking Donna, Marcia and Susan for their stepped-up leadership and welcoming Joanne and Marion!

Our Committees have also been engaging more members to do the "work" required by their function and unleashing a flurry of new events and member-driven programs and initiatives. Joining a Committee is one of the easiest ways for members to meet new women, get more involved and feel good about adding to our Chapter's success. Click on this Committees Page and contact any of the Chairs if you are interested in joining a group (i.e., Membership is looking for more volunteers to help launch a new initiative). 

Check out the latest Events Calendar.  Join us at the next Member Mingle on March 27 in Center City. Share your ideas and thoughts on what else you'd like to see from your TTN Chapter.  I look forward to hearing from you.
Fatima Class
Chair, TTN Philadelphia
Peer Group Connections 
Peer Group Liaison Meeting with PG Advisory Committee
November 2016
There are currently 18 Transition Peer Groups underway in our Philadelphia Chapter. There are lots of resources available to guide peer groups as they develop their own norms over time.  One of the most effective resources is the twice a year liaison meetings which provide an opportunity for all the groups to connect to make their individual group experiences richer.

These meetings, run by the Peer Group Advisory Committee or PGAC, are a chance for the liaisons from each group to interact with each other.  After a casual dinner, the meeting begins. Sometimes the liaisons will discuss common issues experienced across several peer groups.  There is always a sharing of topics that groups have found to be stimulating or fun. And sometimes they grapple with issues of significant substance. 

A recent meeting is an example. The liaisons discussed the thorny topic of loss as related to peer groups.  There are many types of loss, from a long time member moving, to someone who leaves abruptly without explanation, to loss related to illness or death.  With the expertise of Dr. Carolyn Walter, a member of the Advisory Committee and an expert on "Loss across the Lifespan", the liaisons had a meaningful opportunity to learn and also share experiences about how their group handled their feelings in a way that helped them to move forward.   If you are interested in learning more and "tuning into the discussion", follow this LINK to Carolyn Walter's article.

The PGAC is very thankful for the dedication of the liaisons who have begun to interact like a "19th peer group". Their participation and involvement are a means to bring ideas and information to all the women involved in the peer group experience. Kudos to this dedicated group of women!

Questions about Transition Peer Groups? Contact Marcia Goldstein at
Caring Collaborative Celebrates First Year 
The forsythias are about to bloom and the Philadelphia Flower Show is about to arrive, both indications that Spring is on its way.

Here at TTN it also means that the Philadelphia Caring Collaborative is about to celebrate our first anniversary. We are now 88 members strong!

For those of you who are new to the PHL Chapter, and as a reminder to those who haven't joined yet, the Caring Collaborative offers doctor recommendations, member experience with medical procedures, and help in times of short term medical emergencies through our Medical Information Exchange (MIX) and Member Service Corps.  

In addition, our chapter has two signature programs: Resource Groups for those who have a shared health issue and a Speaker Series with programs related to the maintenance of good health.

For more information about The Caring Collaborative or to join, email
Special Interest Groups:  SIG Corner  
Our SIGs continue to delight and engage our members.  We are reading, eating, walking, attending art events and socializing with our TTN friends.  This month members are asking for even more SIGs.  

New SIG Forming!
Does the spring air have you thinking of hauling out your bike and taking a ride?  Like-minded TTN members are thinking the same thing!  

A new SIG is forming for people interested in biking our beautiful Schuylkill River Trail.  Now that the blue Indigo bikes have arrived in the city, you don't even need to own a bike.  

If you're interested, please contact Joanne Bowes at   If there is enough interest, we'll hold an organizational meeting to get started cycling!


Our Bucks and Mercer members are looking for SIGs closer to home and we plan to service their needs. With this in mind, we are working on a brief survey for members in these counties to find out what types of SIGs you'd like to see.  

The survey will be appearing in the email boxes of our Bucks/Mercer members soon.  Please keep an eye out for it and let us know what you want!

Please contact Joanne Bowes with your SIG questions and ideas.
SIGgestions:  What We Are Eating.....

Can anything be better than sitting down to eat delicious food with a group of compatible women? Here are the ways some of our "foodie" SIGs do just that.

Pot Luck Suppers

Recently, we gathered for a dinner of dishes from "Your Mother's Recipe Box" that produced some surprising results. Meatballs, green bean casserole and deviled eggs were fondly remembered by all as food our mother's created in years gone by.  But the dish that created the most buzz was an orange Jello mold salad!  A real blast from the past.

Moveable Lunch 

Great groups think alike.  The latest theme of the lunch group was
"Food of the '50's"-- a trip down culinary memory lane.  A big hit was one of the member's replicated tuna burger recipe that her mother made for her bridge club back in the day.  

MontCo Munchers

For March, the Montco Munchers have chosen Ina Garten's (the Food Network) cookbook 
Barefoot in Paris .  We have chosen recipes from the cookbook and will be eating a French meal that is easy for any homemade cook. Oo, la la, c'est magnifique. 

Vegan Social Club

The Vegan Social Club shares information about plant based eating, restaurants, and products or gadgets that make their lives easier.  A great place to eat is P.S. & Co. on Locust Street. Particularly recommended are their soups, beet burger, vegetable pad thai and gluten free baked goods.

Check out all our Special Interest Groups!