Speaker files from conference continue our learning & impact

At its core, the Alliance is about learning, growing, and improving our skills and impact as capacity builders serving nonprofits and communities. That passion for creating change also drives us to constantly share knowledge, best practices, and new ideas.

Our 2019 annual conference in St. Louis in October, Facing Power & Privilege in Capacity Building , was infused with this spirit of sharing and learning. But we want what happened under the Arch to have the most impact possible - north, south, east, and west of the Mighty Mississippi.

Whether you were able to join us in St. Louis or not, you'll find a listing at the end of this email of the conference presentations provided to us for you to have, use, and continue to learn from.

See you in #Denver2020! And be sure to check out all the event pictures here!
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Alliance annual conference
Denver 2020
Details on theme, dates, and exact location coming soon!

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ONLINE CHAT : "Philanthropy, honey, it’s time for an intervention."
Wed, Feb. 12: 4pm ET
$10/ANM members | $25/non-members
“Philanthropy, honey, it’s time for an intervention." That's Edgar Villanueva 's take on the status of grantmaking today. Join the Alliance for an eye-opening webinar conversation with this award-winning author about his book Decolonizing Wealth: Indigenous Wisdom to Heal Divides and Restore Balance .
In  Decolonizing Wealth , Villanueva, who is Vice President of Programs & Advocacy at the  Schott Foundation for Public Education , asserts that colonialism is not a thing of the past, but lives on, like a virus, in existing systems and structures, including philanthropy and social finance.

One of the first things he does in his book is draw a distinction between colonialism and immigration: immigrants come to a new country expecting to abide by the existing laws of the land; colonialism, in contrast, is all about imposing control over new lands and expropriating their resources — by force, if necessary. Colonialism is about establishing dominance over others, which Villanueva likens to a “zombie invasion” in that “[c]olonizers insist on taking over the bodies, minds, and souls of the colonized.”
WEBINAR : Peer Learning: Addressing organizational traumas that lead to executive transition

Thurs, Nov. 21: 1-2PM ET / 10-11AM PT
Details: Catherine Bradshaw/ 203-494-9370
CLINIC CALL for Interim EDs

Wed, Dec 11: Noon ET / 9AM PT
Join the Alliance's Executive Transition & Leadership Continuity group for a session for Interim Executive Directors to present current issues for support and add to their "toolboxes".
Details: ​ Jan Cohen or Janice Frey-Angel
Alliance Study Seeks Input on
Governance Best Practices Survey
The Alliance’s Governance Affinity Group has launched a new research study, Conventional Wisdom, Anecdote, or Evidence: The State of the Governance Capacity Building Field. Through this SURVEY, they s eek input from capacity builders like you to understand questions relating to g overnance capacity building. Specifically they want detail on how consultants choose their interventions with clients and what research, information, and resources they use and why, including how do they know the strategies are effective.
Responses will help inform the creation of a Governance Research-to-Practice Consultant Toolkit , a resource to help advance the governance field. 
If you provide governance consulting, add your thoughts in this short anonymous survey (and receive the toolkit at the end of the study). For questions, contact Governance Group chair Judy Freiwirth
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2019 Conference Speaker Presentation Files
Whether you joined us in St. Louis in October or not, here are the conference presentations provided to us for you to have, use, and continue to learn from as capacity builders serving nonprofits and communities across North America! They are listed by session title, then by presenter/s.